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True South

Celeste: "And here I didn't think we'd get a chance to work together. Isn't this fun? You and I should get some drinks, trade whore stories."
Alicia: "Horror?"
Celeste: "Yeah! What did I say?"

Alicia assures the hack that CS won't touch her, or attack her or anything -- "That's not his style" -- and Celeste giggles. "Just like Clarice Starling, huh?"

And it is: Colin Sweeney, cuffed and bound, sitting at the table like creepy butter wouldn't melt in his creepy mouth, like always.


You got Sweeney Todd, obviously, who ground the people up for meat pies, and you got Apeneck Sweeney from Eliot (the original title of this episode was a reference to the latter), who would have a lot to say, I think, on the phenomenon of Alicia Florrick: How cleanliness leads to sterility, but vice leads you straight to the pit. Both at once are teaming up to destroy you. That life is a constant struggle between indulgence and self-denial; how sometimes the bravest thing you can do is ignore the rat and keep going.

Anyway, Colin's overjoyed to see her, proud of his pectoral prison tattoo -- "I wanted William Blake's The Ancient of Days, but beggars really can't be choosers here" -- and happy to chat about life in prison. Ancient was one of Blake's favorite visions, and he was always drawing it. At the end of his life, he did one last copy for more money than he'd ever earned, from bed, and at the end he threw it down saying, "There, that will do! I cannot mend it." Which seems like it would appeal to Sweeney, for some reason.

Colin: "And you, Mrs. Florrick. I imagine you're well? Your husband's back in office, you're thriving in your profession. The world must be your oyster."
Alicia: "Compared to your life, the daily horrors of my existence do seem delightful."
Colin: "Nobody bullshits you in here. I like that."
Alicia: "In that spirit, I would like to stop talking as if we're friends and ask you to help me with a case."

Dead Guy was deposed about a meeting that Sweeney was at, so of course Sweeney can provide living backup, but as he points out: "Why me? Why not OJ? Won't the jury be likely to mistrust the word of a renowned wife-killer?" He laughs at Alicia for quibbling, and they do some brief exposition about he's in jail for a whole other thing he didn't do, which is ironic but not karmically, because he got away with murdering his wife.

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