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No Secrets, Only Dirty Shame

Thank heaven for the break. Katherine now looks like she's actually looking at Elena. Elena is gobsmacked by their resemblance. "How do we look exactly alike?" Katherine gets handsy as she tells Elena, "You're asking the wrong questions." What's the right question? Is it why? Stefan rushes in. Katherine disappears. Stefan asks Elena if she's okay. She says, "Not really," and asks if he's okay. His answer: "Not really." They hug.

Mystic Grill Ladies Room: Katherine confronts Caroline about her failed mission to distract Elena. Caroline tries to explain, but it's no use. She does add, "I think I got to her." Katherine hopes so. "I already killed you once, I can easily do it again."

Lockwood Mansion: When he arrives home and finds Tyler waiting for him, Mason asks, "You still pissed?" Tyler: "You still keeping secrets?" Mason: "Yep." Tyler: "Then I'm still pissed." When Mason starts off, Tyler hints that he might know where the moonstone is. They get pushy and shove-y as Mason demands to know where the stone is and Tyler demands to know the curse trigger. Finally, Mason loses it. "You have to kill somebody. Human blood. You take another person's life away from them and the curse is yours forever. Can you handle that?" I flash back to Tyler's wolf eyes after the accident. They happened right after Caroline collapsed. Whatevs. Mason releases his hold on his nephew's shirt to let the oh-so-dramatic music have its full impact. Dun dun dun.

Mystic Grill: Stefan and Elena enter. Caroline stops Elena and apologizes for earlier in the day. Elena tells her it's okay. Everything she was saying was right, it's just hard for her to hear. Caroline can't believe Elena isn't mad at her. Elena says, "You were just being a good your own way." Caroline adds: "My own head-case horrible way. Elena, I really am sorry." Elena nods with resignation and joins Stef at their table. He declares "I'm starving." Elena says, "Spending the day with your jealous ex will do that to you." They talk about their fear and Katherine's threats. This turns to bickering. Finally, Elena says she knows Katherine wants to get between them. Stefan says, "She already has, Elena." DUN! Elena takes this in, swallows back her tears, nods and leaves. In their separate seats, Caroline and Damon take it all in. OMG, did they break up? SPOILER: No they did not, and it was all so patently obvious that I'm coveting the hours of sleep I'm going to miss thanks to this episode. Bah. Commercial.

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