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Miami: Ten Court

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Miami: Ten Court

Eric wonders if the floral arrangement project is going to keep them within the budget. Kia says it will: the chair was $5. The flowers were $55. Frink: "Humour value: priceless." God, sixty bucks for this bunch of junk. Frink and I are just speechless. Kia says it's something they can keep "after [she] leave[s]." Eric politely says he's sure they'll keep everything. Kia: "You think they'll keep everything?" He pauses. "No, I'm not sure." Hee.

MPDP is nattering at Hildi about whether there's other stuff to do, and whether perhaps she or Nancy could be doing what Hildi's doing. Hildi's concentrating on smearing paint and conditioner around and not really listening to MPDP, who finally announces that Hildi doesn't want to give up control and takes Nancy off to make sure she's busy with something and not just standing around.

Kia's futzing around with something by the headboard when suddenly there's a massive crash. I was hoping it was the sound of executive jaws hitting the floor when they finally realize what they've inflicted on viewers by putting Kia on the air at all, but no such luck. Ty's standing in front the "TV box," which has fallen to the floor where the mirrors have smashed to pieces. I don't know if he accidentally bumped it or what. It seems to have fallen from the top of the chest of drawers. Personally, I think he either sabotaged it, or the thing simply had enough common decency to commit suicide. Either way: Huzzah! Ty complains that it's top-heavy and seems genuinely flustered by what's happened, so if he sabotaged it, he's doing a good acting job. Kia says the TV's not in it. Lady, the TV shouldn't need to be in it for it to be stable. Anyone with a modicum of common sense, never mind some design training, should know that. Eric asks if Ty can fix it. Ty: "Fix what? I mean, what is this? Is this a..." Kim and Eric claim it was Eric's favourite piece. Ty says the doors are heavy already, and that if you put glass in them, of course it's going to fall over. Suddenly Kim runs out of the room, like she can't handle things anymore or something. I dunno. Man, if you look at the percentage of half-assed, ill-conceived projects Kia's had to abandon (this, the fabric-covered blinds, the pyramid fountain, and I'll bet I'm forgetting some), as opposed to any of the other designers, it's really something. Frink offered to make up a little graph or pie chart, but I had to tell him we don't do illustrations.

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