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Miami: Ten Court

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Miami: Ten Court

Rich is installing some really pedestrian white track lighting. I'm kind of surprised Hildi didn't pick something a little more stylish.

Kim's returned to the room and MPDP is there saying very seriously how sorry she is. Ty asks her what she's sorry about. MPDP says she's just sorry for their friends, and that this is happening now when the room should be finished. She announces firmly, "One thing we are not doing is, we are not screwing any holes into this furniture. Because, you know, somebody on Trading Spaces was lucky enough not to have their furniture painted, and it's still nice, and we're not going to screw a hole into it." Whoa, Mindy! Don't hold back. Tell us how you really feel. Hee! I guess someone floated the idea of affixing the "TV box" to the top of the dresser. MPDP's put her foot down, though. But man, where the hell was she when Hildi was destroying that Craftsman mantel in Oakland?

Hildi turns on the track lights. Rich adjusts them so that they hit the wall where Hildi wants them to.

Paige Cam. Eric is vacuuming up the shards of mirror. MPDP repeats that she's sorry it happened. Eric seems genuinely sad, and says again that it was his favourite thing in the room. Dude, I thought you were kidding. Maybe he doesn't like his neighbours. Seriously, who would think that thing was a good idea? Or attractive? Or in any way worthwhile? Besides Kia, I mean. Eric says they'll fix it later. Let's hope not. It's a piece. Of. Junk.

Ty brings in the bench. Everyone oohs and aahs. It does look very nice. Hildi not only refrains from jumping on it immediately, as is her wont, but asks if she can sit on it. Nancy does too. Hildi asks if it will support the weight of two of them. Ty hopes so. Rich tells Ty, "You are talented."

Kia's got one of the branch frames attached to a piece of MDF, and is writing on the MDF with a marker. She tells her team she found a way to say they're sorry. If they really want to apologize for this room, they'll just take all the crap off the walls and windows, drag it outside, and set it on fire. She wants to write "We are sorry your television cabinet crashed..." Kim thinks that's a little much and suggests "We are sorry." Kia goes with that.

Thank God, it's time to wrap this up. MPDP paddles by in a canoe to tell us "Time's up!" She asks, "Will Kim and Eric be floored by the new flooring and not much else in their now-stark living room? Will Rich and Nancy be shell-shocked by the tropical turn their bedroom has taken?"

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