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Miami: Ten Court

Hildi's room first. This, dear readers, will be the shortest room description ever: three walls, floor-to-ceiling drapes, and sofa are all a very soft, pretty sky blue. The fourth wall is a canvas colour. The floor has been covered with light, yellowy-beige brick pavers. The sofa is along the left-hand side of the wall, and the cushions have all be covered with one piece of fabric so that they're like one big cushion. In front of the sofa is Ty's coffee table, with a vase of flowers on it, and a pile of books. Pluto's on top of the books. Opposite the sofa are the three big paintings, with the new track lighting focused on them. The paintings themselves are abstract washes of sunny yellows and oranges near the top and watery greens and blues near the bottom. On the fourth, canvas-coloured wall, there are three tiny square paintings that mimic the big ones. And...that's it. No, I haven't forgotten anything. I usually don't mention every last pillow, candle, and tchotchke in the room, but in this case, I have. There's nothing else here. Nothing. Other than what I've told you, there are no accessories, no plants, no shelves, no books, no magazines, no audio/video no equipment, no toys, no blankets, no rugs, no candles, no pictures, nada.

Well, let's start with the good: it's pretty. It's simple. It's uncluttered. It's peaceful. It's a true transformation. Nothing's been destroyed, so far as I can tell. It's got a focal point -- which they did ask for. The bench is well-made, the sofa is well-slipcovered, the drapes are nice. They appear to have done a good job on the floor, though I'm worried about how rushed the job was and whether the floor had time to set properly. The bad: despite the softness of the colours, it's pretty stark, especially for a living room for people with at least one child. It's got the feel of a dentist's waiting room: calming colours, no unnecessary objects. If it had an aquarium and another chair, it would be my dentist's waiting room. (If it were pink or purple instead of blue, it'd be an OB/GYN's office.) It's just not very inviting. It seemed like they used the room before for reading, listening to music, and for their child or children to play in. The stereo didn't make it back in, and the couch, while it looks sleek, isn't going to be that comfortable with no back or side cushions. As a place for children to play, it seems somewhat off-putting. As for the floor: while I'm sure it's a nice cool choice for hot, humid Florida, it doesn't seem like the best or safest choice for young children. I suppose an area rug would fix that. As a focal point, I can't imagine looking at these paintings for more than about ninety seconds, and even then, I'm being generous. They're not horrendous, but they're not exactly the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel either. They're just...bland. Like the background on one of those wordy, mushy, Blue Mountain greeting cards. The ugly: the brick pavers clash pretty badly with the tile they meet up with on the stairs at each entrance. The lighting also feels very commercial; there are no lamps or light sources that create ambiance or a spot of light in which to read. You'd have to be a very specific person or family to need and want this room, and I don't think Eric and Kim are those people. The room is very salvageable, though; I think if they moved the big paintings to where the small ones are, so they're not staring at them all the time, and brought their cabinet and stereo and books and palm tree back in, it would feel a lot more inviting. An area rug would make the room a little warmer and safer. Not a bad room, exactly, just way too narrow, especially for these homeowners.

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