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Miami: Ten Court

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Miami: Ten Court

MPDP wonders if there's anything from the original room back in here. Hildi says it's just Pluto. MPDP says the space has been completely transformed. Hildi says that now it's a gallery. Indeed, but...did they want that? She says it's very calm and soothing and you can just sit back and admire the art. And then what do you do when that minute is up? MPDP says the floor is incredible and that her team did a fabulous job. It does look very good. MPDP says that even though Hildi got a great deal on the flooring, she went over budget a bit: she spent $1040.24. How come Hildi never has to take anything back, like MPDP has made other designers do? Not that there's much in this room to take back. She asks her about leaving the cushions off the back of the sofa. Hildi says that now it looks like it would be in a gallery: "Everything here is sit, comfortable, stay, and go." Huh? She mentions Ty's bench, and says a lot of her budget went into the wood as well. MPDP says it's very modern and minimalist, but not harsh. Hildi says that's because of the blue. MPDP says it's very calming and serene.

Fast-forward sequence. MPDP brings Eric and Kim in and tells them to look at their new room. Eric says, "Wow." Kim looks mildly surprised, though not terribly thrilled, and says, "Where is everything?" Eric notices the floor, and says it's awesome. Kim says she loves the coffee table. She points at the paintings and says they're nice. Eric says the floor is "killer." He's very taken with it. MPDP praises their neighbours for their hard work on the floor. Kim notices the lighting. MPDP says of the room, "It's pretty bare." Kim agrees, and adds that it's not beige anymore: "We're not a fan of the blue." Oh dear. For a colour they don't like, there's an awful lot of it. But they did say in their interview that they don't like primary colours. (Though I find it hard to understand how anyone can dislike every permutation of red, blue, and yellow -- wouldn't it make more sense to say, "I don't like strong reds" or "pale yellows" or "greenish blues"? ["I think when people say that, they mean they don't want it to look like a box of crayons, but you're right; they could be clearer." -- Wing Chun]) MPDP asks Kim to move beyond the blue for a moment and comment on the starkness. She wonders if they'll just keep the floor and bring everything back in. Kim says she likes the couch, but that she likes her other couch better. Eric's pretty happy to see that gone. I think this is where I came in.

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