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Miami: Ten Court

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Miami: Ten Court

Rich and Nancy find Hildi sitting at the little drum kit, playing with a motorized Pluto doll. Rich says he thinks the room looks great just the way it is. Hildi says that the room needs a lot of help, and that it's going to end up looking like a simple gallery. Nothing that's in the room is coming back. Neither, as it turns out, is much of anything else. They're getting rid of the carpet, too. Hildi reiterates that everything in the room is going, except, maybe, for Pluto. She says they have one really big project to do. The room is unloaded, during which I can finally see that the shelving unit opposite the sofa seems to contain books and stereo equipment -- no TV.

Kia reveals a paint colour called "Serendipity." It's a very pale seafoam green. Meh. Kim says she's seen that in a nursery before. Kia: "I wonder why." She paints some on the wall. "We've all been brought together for a reason." Huh? She seems to have lapsed into some quasi-mystical daze. She's wearing a black t-shirt with lots of white lettering on it in something like a Quenya- or Sindarin-esque alphabet, a message which no doubt contains her instructions from her unearthly masters to cheapen, fuglify, and crapulate everything she touches. Kia shows them the other colour: it's a very strong seafoam. Yuck. Kim: "Pastel-y." Kia doesn't think so. She wonders if Kim thinks that's good or bad, and tells her it's "Aegean." Mmm, I dunno about that. Kim says it will brighten up the room for sure.

Hildi frantically says that they're running late already, and that they've got to pull up the rug first. Rich: "All of it?" At first, I thought this was an idiotic question, but then I considered that given some of the things he's probably seen on this show, maybe it's not so dumb. Hildi seems taken aback, and points out that the room is only 12' x 14'. Rich says they only have two days. Hildi knows that. She says they're going to give them "the most incredible floor. When we're finished with it, everyone's going to want this floor. Trust me."

Kia's still slapping samples of the seafoam up on the wall, telling them, "It's called Aegean Sea." Kim doesn't think that sounds good. I gather she's never heard of the Aegean Sea. Kia explains it's a beautiful sea in Greece. I'd be willing to bet that it's not that colour, though. But if anyone wants to pay for me to go on a trip to verify, I'd be willing to take time out of my busy schedule. Kim skeptically goes along with her. Kia says, "You gotta follow the thing here...out of the sea comes the bed." Yeah, I'm liking the direction this is going.

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