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Miami: Ten Court

Hildi says she got a great deal on the brick floor they're doing. Nancy thinks that's awesome. Rich: "A fireplace?" I don't know if he's just not a good listener, or what. Hildi and Nancy reiterate the floorness of the project. Nancy spells out "B-R-I-C-K" for him. Hildi: "F-L-O-O-R." Me to Frink: "Q-T-I-P."

Kim thinks they should paint half of one of the walls the Aegean green. Yeah, like Kia can't crap this room up enough on her own. You want to paint half the wall now? Don't help out. Eric wants to know how you can paint half the wall. Kim: "How can you do half the things they do?" Point well taken, but still, that's no reason to make things worse.

The bumper back into the show is Hildi, Ty, and Kia walking along the beach. Ty is wringing his shirt out, which provides an excellent opportunity to show off most of the muscles in his upper body. If you're into that sort of thing. It's not my cup of tea, particularly. The guy is seriously built, though.

Hildi's team rolls up the carpet as she tells them that there are several steps to putting the brick down.

Paige Cam. MPDP asks Kim about painting half a wall. There's footage of the Aegean green on the sunny yellow. It's making me queasy. Kim claims she thinks her neighbours would like it. MPDP clearly thinks that's idiotic, and asks for an explanation. Kim says it would be almost like hurricane colours: "Miami hurricanes." I truly had no idea what the hell she was talking about until I figured out she meant "Miami Hurricanes" -- some sports team which must have one of the most hideous combinations of team colours in existence. (No, please don't write me to defend the colour combination, or to educate me about the team. I don't care.)

Hildi and her team scrape up the underpadding. I found a lot of the sound in this episode really bad, especially on Hildi's microphone, and the scraping on concrete isn't helping. Thank God for the closed captioning. She keeps hustling them along.

Kia complains to her team that she wants Ty to get started on the bed frame, but he's too busy with the other house. Kim and Eric think that is cool and awesome.

Hildi's ready to reveal her paint. Ty's there helping them remove baseboards. Hildi mentions that she's heard something about team colours. Nancy shows her some green and orange colour chips, saying, "Hurricane colours." Apparently those are Nancy and Rich's "colours." Hildi asks what their neighbours' colours are: they're crimson and gold. I don't know or care which team those are for. Once again: no need to write me about it. I'm about as impressed with people who decorate their homes around the colours of their favourite sports team as I am with Kia's design sense. Hildi reveals her paint, saying it's her colour: "Carolina blue!" It's a soft, pretty sky blue. She paints a footprint on the wall, 'cause that's the sort of light-hearted, cheery person she's become ever since she got married.

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