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After commercials, the episode is still on. You guys, seriously, enough already. So, fine, Michael's taken Ryan's ultimatum seriously, and makes a big production of saying that he's never quit a job before (hee), so the crew is about to film history. In Nick's office, he tries to start this whole ramble about a dream he had of having two jobs, but Nick is obviously very familiar with what it's like when someone quits, and perfunctorily tells Michael he can come back whenever he wants, and he has to disinfect his headset. Well, la-di-dah -- where is Michael selling shady diet aids out of, the Plaza? Michael cleans up and leaves the call centre with a defiant John Bender-esque air fist. No one there cares. Hell, everyone he worked with last night has probably already quit too. Lot of turnover in that industry. [Shudder.]

Branch. Andy watches Angela walk away, and then does this weird, hilarious half a split at Pam's desk, so his head is level with hers, as he asks her to set him up with Angela. Pam -- with Dwight standing behind her, tensely listening -- raises her voice, for Dwight's benefit, as she says she doesn't think it would be a good idea for Andy and Angela to get together. Andy thinks she would if she "looked in the smart part of [her] brain." She offers that Angela is very religious, and committed in her convictions. Andy counters that he punched a hole in a wall. Pam, musing: "That's right, you did." Pam interviews that Angela and Andy might actually make a good couple: "But I couldn't do that to Dwight. Or Angela. Or Andy." Heh.

Michael comes over to the accountants to ask Kevin for gambling advice. Seems that Michael's been looking to solve his money problems via gambling, and he wants tips for sure things, like a boxer who's about to throw a big fight. Kevin suggests that Michael would need to get information like that from the Mob. Michael asks whether Kevin knows anyone in the Mob. He...does not. Michael then turns to Oscar, quietly telling him he needs another advance on his salary. I'm guessing by now that in order to pay back what he owes, Michael will be working at Dunder Mifflin until the icecaps have melted so much that everyone is living on a yacht, or yacht equivalent. And speaking of people who are roughly in Michael's tax bracket...

...Kelly is trying to fight with Darryl in his office, but he's not having it. He can't do anything with her that night because he's going to be watching Charlotte's Web with his daughter. Kelly petulantly says that he has to choose between her and his daughter, and Darryl obviously chooses the non-Kelly option. Kelly even more petulantly knocks over a pile of papers and binders, and Darryl calmly tells her, "That was cold." Kelly: "[W hand gesture. L hand gesture. Throat-cutting gesture.]" Hat trick!

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