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In the conference room, Oscar and Michael talk to Jan on speakerphone, Oscar duly trotting out Michael's line about his financial maneuvering, except now the sentence ends "tremendously in debt." "You're broke?" asks Jan. Michael tries to dodge. Jan sounds fairly calm as she asks where Michael's money went and how he could be so irresponsible. As she talks, Michael looks out the window at a train that's just coming to a halt not far away, and before Jan can even finish a thought, Michael's left the room. Oscar interrupts Jan to tell her that Michael took off, and the camera goes to the window so that we can see Michael on the street, hauling ass toward the train tracks. Another perfect plan. Jan says she'll be right there. Sounds like this isn't the first time Michael's tried to pull a runner on her.

After commercials, the camera's at ground level as Michael runs up to a boxcar and climbs aboard -- but no sooner has he gotten on than the train stops completely. He affects a jaunty pose as he tells the camera he's escaping his responsibilities. I can't believe he tried to carry out this plan without even looking up the symbols of the hobo code on Wikipedia.

In the bullpen, Angela -- with Garbage in her arms -- comes over to Andy's desk, shoots a look over her shoulder at Dwight, and primly informs Andy that he may ask her out for dinner, adding her many dietary requirements. Andy rejoices. Dwight walks very quickly out of the office, as Jim and Pam exchange another anxious look. Keeping Dwight from despair really is a full-time job -- and not a very rewarding one, either.

Jim finds Dwight in the stairwell, keening again. He sits next to him and bores us all by telling us that he left Scranton because of Pam. WE KNOW. When he gets to the end of his recitation, he realizes that he wouldn't wish the kind of pain he was in on anyone, even Dwight. With these helpful words of wisdom, he leaves again. Dwight belatedly reaches out to pat Jim -- or, rather, the space where Jim used to be when he was making like he was going to comfort Dwight instead of talking about himself.

Jim returns to the office, where Pam brightly tells him she was thinking about dinner, but he interrupts her with a long kiss. Pam looks around in delighted surprise to see if anyone saw (or cared), and Jim says that, for dinner, they should try that new Italian place. Still flustered, Pam grinterviews that Jim is just really passionate about Italian food. In his own interview, Jim agrees that he is passionate about Italian food; in fact, he's in love with Italian food. If that's actually true, I'll bet he spends most of his time around manicotti. Or possibly the big stuffed shells. Ew, I'm grossing myself out.

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