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Andy leads Susan away from Ryan (who mistakenly calls him "Brian" and earns a THed "Bitch!" from Ryan for it) and shows her to Reception, which he says is pretty well covered. Robert says two secretaries might seem impressive and then ducks out, leaving Andy confused. He takes Susan over to Jim, who he's counting on to talk about what he hates. Jim, who you'll remember is the only other person who knows what's going on, starts talking about sales being "the world of rejection," until Dwight horns in and says it's the second-easiest job in the world. "Being a mom," he asides. Thinking quickly (at least for him), Andy invites Dwight to talk about his hobbies, social skills and ranking of animals, but even that doesn't seem to scare Susan off. Andy THs about how everyone in the office is being nicer to Susan than they ever are to him. "What I wouldn't give for one of Phyllis's room-clearing farts right now."

Dwight lets Darryl into the gym, which is a vacant office equipped like a barn, with pretty much the heaviest crap Dwight could get from Schrute Farms to here in his Trans Am. "This is not a gym, this is like a scene out of Saw V," Darryl says. Dwight shows off some of the stuff and starts going over the deliberately confusing rates, but Darryl's only response is, "Make a real gym." [Note: In all fairness, that dedicated phone book ripping station seems pretty intense. -- RS.]

The Californias are in Andy's office as Susan talks about some of the departments she's considering, but Andy's insisting they're all full up. Robert lays it out: "I am the CEO and I am telling an employee of mine what to do." Andy: "Let me beat around the bush for a second." Susan finally gets the hint from Andy and agrees to let it go, to Andy's great relief, but Robert keeps pushing until Andy finally chuckles, "Welcome aboard!" Robert gives a happy laugh, which ends in a subtle but unmistakable death-glare at Andy. Maybe you oversold it a little there, Bobby.

After the ads, Andy's going over next steps with Susan when his phone rings. "Say, 'Hello, Grandma,'" Robert orders into his ear. He continues to give Andy step-by-step instructions for pretending to talk to his grandma while berating Andy for disobeying his initial instructions and concluding, "Undo this. Undo it." Andy hangs up without responding, explaining to Susan, "We promised we'd never say goodbye."

After having some actual (rental) exercise equipment wheeled in -- that very day, of course, because Dwight is so efficient about upgrading his space when it has to fit into an episode that takes place in a single day -- Dwight heads up to the bullpen to try to drum up business for his gym. "As if I don't have enough drama," Oscar mutters. There are no takers, so Dwight goes back to Darryl. He THs about how you build a business: "You gotta get the black people to do it to get the white people to do it. Then you gotta get the black people to stop doing it. One step at a time."

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