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The Boss's Wife

Dwight's trying to play Darryl's personal trainer, but Darryl doesn't want to lie down and stretch his pelvic bowl the way Dwight insists on demonstrating.

Robert and Andy ambush Jim in the attic and drag him back down to the conference room to sweat him in front of Susan. "I think you know what we want to know," Robert prompts him. Jim says he doesn't want to get into the middle of this, but he thinks it's just anxiety about working with a spouse. He and Andy think that's the end of it, but Susan pins him down and repeats the question. Jim comes clean: "My wife works here and I love it. She literally makes me work harder, she makes me smarter, she makes me remember why I'm here." He adds that she's on maternity leave but he'd love to see her. "I don't know how this helps but it's just what I'm thinking." Yeah, it's really not helping Robert at all. Robert dismisses Jim, so now it's just Andy and the Californias, until Andy realizes this is the moment to make his escape. Later, Susan leaves the office...alone. Before following her out, Robert puts a hand on Andy's arm and gives a nervous chuckle, like they just got away with something together. Well, at least Andy isn't in trouble with the boss any more. On the other hand, the boss has now been revealed to be as crazy as all the other bosses.

Out in the parking lot, Susan apologizes to Andy, who says they all wanted her to work there, "except for him. Especially me." Susan agrees that they hit it off, and says something about different circumstances, which Andy agrees with. "Maybe after all this settles down," she says. "Totally," Andy agrees, not at all knowing where this is going. "It's a date!" she chirps. Yes, it went there.

The tag is of course Dwight yelling at Darryl during his workout, because that subplot hasn't been wrapped up yet. Finding himself trapped on the bench under a heavy barbell, Darryl asks for a spot, but Dwight's making this a drill-sergeant moment, pushing to know what he really wants. Darryl basically just wants the barbell off himself before he dies, but he finally admits, "To look good for Val," as he manages to rack the bar his own self. Dwight doesn't get why Darryl cares about Val Kilmer, but at least now he has a goal. "I am going to make you the buffest dude Val Kilmer has ever seen." Uh oh, now that Top Gun volleyball scene is going to be on a continuous loop in the gym.

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