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Mutually Assured Destruction

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The Replacement Killers

Back at the FBI, Agent John-Boy gives his usual pep talk, which in this case means being passive-aggressively domineering, peppered with a few gratuitous shots at Agent Chris. He leaves his team to continue digging for needles in haystacks, but he calls Stan out to the hallway. In his office, Agent John-Boy hands Stan the keys to a safe house, where he can hold his meetings with that source of his. I can't quite tell if John-Boy is supposed to be looking at Stan all knowingly about his relationship with Nina, mostly because John-Boy almost always looks like he's judging the shit out of you.

Elsewhere, in what I'm assuming is Baltimore, Elizabeth rolls up to meet with that weapons contact. Her disguise: choppy semi-shag wig, red leather trenchcoat, giant gold hoop earrings. Very "Slutty Veronica Guerin." She knocks on the door, only to be met by a redheaded girl of no more than eleven. Undeterred, Elizabeth asks to speak to her dad and when he shows up at the door, in full view of the kid, Elizabeth's like, "I know what you do. I didn't have time to go through proper channels. We have to talk." So, the direct route.

Inside, Weapons sends his daughter upstairs. Elizabeth barrels forward with her demands that Weapons give up his West German contact, but Weapons tells her she's making a very big mistake. Elizabeth keeps pressing him, until his little Debbie Gallagher-wannabe of a daughter comes barging in through the archway, pumping a shotgun. Elizabeth is like, "Respect, kid, but don't get stupid," at which point Philip -- dressed like an extra from that movie where Val Kilmer played John Holmes -- charges in and gets the gun away from her. He sends the daughter, Lana, back to the dining room table, while Elizabeth assures him that they are not here to hurt him. Weapons, understandably, says if he starts talking, he doesn't really have a business anymore. Elizabeth assures him that they're all on the same side -- they just need to find this guy. Which, you know, a likely story and all that. Weapons finally gives a general description of the guy, adding that he's "friendly." He's got the guy's face on camera, too, and he goes to retrieve the hidden camera he keeps above his front staircase, capturing the image of everybody who enters his house.

We cut to the outside, where our light-skinned, chubby West German is scoping out a pair of FBI agents arriving at the home of a protectee. He notes the time, obviously tracking when the agents switch on and off. "Friendly" or not, his eyes are harsh.

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