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The Replacement Killers

At a swanky bar, our beefy German hits on a woman way out of his league, but I guess an assassin's confidence levels have got to be through the roof and she responds to that. Oh, right... but she's also a hooker. She asks him what's his thing. ("Oral? Anal? Ecclesiastical?" Oh, you!) He just sort of chuckles and says, "I am much kinkier than that." And let me tell you, of all the phrases that sound WAY scarier when spoken with a German accent that is near the top of the list.

Wednesday Night Potluck with the Beemans and Jenningses. Stan actually showed up this time, which is good of him. Guess that's what happens when you knock things out with your mistress mid-day. He compliments the meat loaf and Philip blows Elizabeth's spot by saying it has horseradish in it. Stan likes it either way, though Sandra is surprised because he usually doesn't like spicy things. And he never has a second cup of coffee at home. It's kind of an awkward dinner, with Elizabeth chiding Henry for calling the potatoes "cheesy" and Paige offering to help clear the table, only to have that kind of weird interaction with Matthew where they're both being strange because they like each other and their parents are around. Also, Matthew is wearing headphones to the dinner table and, again, I get that his dad's a shit, but COME ON. Stan then excuses himself to take a call for work, and it's awkward for Sandra, and obviously Elizabeth gets up to clear/eavesdrop. She only hears vague talk about files, so no help. But Stan also totally noticed her listening, so chalk another one up in the Way to Be Genius Superspies column.

That night, Philip comes upon Elizabeth sitting alone, at home, in the dark. Drinking. Classic setup. He knows something's been up and asks her. She says she was thinking back to when they first met. He tells her how he saw her and was surprised (relieved, really) that she was so beautiful. She finally tells him what Grannie said about him sleeping with Irina. To his credit, he doesn't deny it. Elizabeth is probably more pissed than anything that he was able to lie right to her face about it. They're partners first and lovers second, after all. She has to be able to trust him even when he fucks up. His defense is essentially "We were on a break," which is not a great one, historically. He apologizes and says he lied because he didn't want to lose her. He says he loves her and she hits him back with the coldest, most withering, "Hmm. Love, hmm." Glorious. He tells her he made a terrible mistake and would like very much to start over. Bets as to how well that goes over? She seems to have fully adopted Claudia's stance on coupling now. She says they can do the job they were sent here to do to the best of their ability, but no, they can never do "this." Never again. BAM.

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