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Mutually Assured Destruction

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The Replacement Killers

When we get back from the break, that hooker from before is having quite enthusiastic and showy sex (thanks, FX). And not with the German guy either, but with quite the fetching and bum-bearing fellow. My favorite part is when she takes her bra off like she just thought of it that second. Like she just discovered an innovation in bare-breasted sex-having. She then invites him to take their business into the shower and while they're making noise and carrying on in there, Beefy German guy sneaks into the room and starts meddling with the guy's walkie talkie. Because, ahhhh, he's an FBI agent. Probably one of the guys he was scoping out earlier. This guy doesn't miss a trick, this guy. Anyway, he places what looks like plastic explosive and a detonator in the hand-held device, which can't be great news for anybody.

Back at FBI HQ, Agent John-Boy hands Martha a folder to file and then heads home. Alone in the office, Martha photocopies the pages in the file, to give to Clark, and she looks about ready to do the same to the other files in the cabinet, when Chris pops in on her. She jumps, of course, because she's jumpy and also because Chris is constantly low-level creepy to her. He apologizes for startling her, but he calls her "baby" in the process, which is obnoxious and he calls her on it. He tries -- in a very It's The PC Eighties And I Am Making Sure You Know How Hard I'm Trying To Comply With These New Bullshit Rules way -- to tell her she looks pretty. Really, he just wants to talk about how they used to date and now they don't. He asks her out for drinks and she says, "No thank you," and he -- non-aggressively, but still -- is like, "That's a very polite no. Sure you wouldn't want to make it an impolite yes?" She's more emphatic with her no this time. She tells him he's a sweet guy and pretty handsome, "deep down," then stomps past him. He stands there, perturbed and stares at the file cabinet she was meddling in.

At the Soviet embassy, Nina is called in to meet with Arkady, who is now in charge. He doesn't want to press a sexual advantage with her, thank goodness, but he does seem to be using this "getting to know you" pretext in order to prod her about potential wrongdoing. He asks how she likes her "plum" assignment in America. He asks specifically about the practice of sending consumer goods home to make some extra money. Nina is smooth in response, neither looking guilty nor looking especially hyper about professing her innocence. She just talks about what a great opportunity this is for her, and to not let her generation's affinity for the American creature comforts give the wrong impression. She's getting really good at this.

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The Americans




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