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Mutually Assured Destruction

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The Replacement Killers

Clark shows up to Martha's house for a romantic dinner. He's clearly thrown by the fact that she's wearing the necklace he gave her two episodes ago. The one he gave her to spite Elizabeth. Now it just reminds him of his wife, which is certainly one of your all-time backfires. We cut swiftly to the two of them in bed, with Martha hopping around on top of Clark, who is STILL WEARING HIS WHITE TURTLENECK. Ack, these two. He's clearly not into it and she can tell, so he takes the necklace off of her so he won't be "distracted." In the midst of their rolling around, he calls her "very kind." Their courtship makes me feel so dirty.

Afterwards, Martha pours wine for Clark and then walks him through the files she copies for him. He's thrilled. It's just what he wanted. "That's great, honey," she replies. Oh God, she's just so Miss Prissy.

At home, Philip and Elizabeth comb the documents for clues as to who they're looking for. Philip eventually finds our German. Elizabeth concurs.

Next thing we know, German is sitting in his hotel room, eating his dinner and watching some TV, when Philip verrrrrrrry subtly crowbars his way into the room. German puts his hands up (knife and fork still in them), and then Elizabeth comes in from the window. Both Jenningses have guns trained on the assassin. They explain to him that they're from the same place that hired him, only the orders have been revoked. It's the kind of thing the phrase "a likely story" was invented for, so obviously the German's not going to take them at their word. He slowly reaches into his breast pocket and produces a black box with a button. Well done letting him get his hand on that, dummies. He points them towards the explosive charge he's stuck to the wall. So now they're in a Mexican standoff. And THEN the German pulls his own gun. So, great, now they're at a disadvantage. Worst spies ever. So German backs towards the bathroom and tells them to put their guns down. Instead, one of them shoots the forearm that he's holding the detonator with, while the other shoots him in the leg. German is still firing his gun, though, so Philip tosses Elizabeth what looks to be a grenade (because they had that handy), and she throws it into the bathroom. One delicate little explosion later and they're looking into the bathroom, which is now decorated wall-to-wall with German gore. Mission: accomplished. In the messiest way possible.

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The Americans




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