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Poor Old Orpheus


Linden drops Nilsson's name on her charge into Richmond's hospital room, and you know that no matter how much he protests, she's not leaving. She tries to make a sympathetic face happen on her face, and is just successful enough that he calms down long enough to hear her explain the entire storyline.

Seems the night of Rosie's death, he got up out of that bed with Gwen and walked to the bridge, still wearing his wedding ring after five years of being a widower, and was crushed by the weight of all this, on his anniversary and all. So he jumped off the bridge, and the Hot Crabber saved him, and once he was born again, he'd let the grief go. Not the guilt, just the grief. The guilt was still very much in play -- and relates directly to his career self-sabotage. Seems he connects her death with the fact that he overstayed his time soaking up the applause, and thinks that's why she died. Poor old Orpheus.

Linden, verbatim: "I'm sorry for what happened to you. I wish that I had known the truth."

But the thing that heals it between them is also what is still between them: A suicide attempt would wreck his campaign, which is why the storyline in Season One was so Byzantine, because nobody can know about this. And now he's in a wheelchair and all. So even though she's giving him just about the Linden Limit of compassion and grace right now, he's not having it: She has information that could still hurt him, which means she's still the enemy.

On the upside, that means he's still going to run, though, which is nice to know. And which also means, to keep him in the show, some more stuff has to link him to the conspiracy. Which it will, since the highest people we know in that conspiracy are still Ben and the Mayor.


Nilsson: "Linden, I know you're not stopping me in some parking garage for a conspiracy meeting after dropping my name at Richmond's door. You have got to cut that shit out. If I'd known you were playing Deep Throat I'd have worn a trenchcoat, you obsessive freak. Some of us actually have lives beyond obsessively trying to solve murders that already got solved."

Linden: "More like I'm Orpheus. But listen, those bridge photos were faked and I can prove it."
Nilsson: "So you want me to drop the charges, reopen the case, put my neck on the line for a conspiracy that goes farther up than we're even sure about yet...?"
Linden: "Yeah, is that a problem? I don't really understand your human world."
Nilsson: "Uh, can you give me some reasons to actually believe you?"
Linden: "Yes, I will send you things. Goodbye."
Nilsson: "You are supposed to say thank you!"

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