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The two Kellys ride in the back of Andy's car, sharing an iPod and both refusing to come up front with him. Later, when the girls are asleep, Andy whispers to us, "Not only is Erin sweet and cute, she smells like my mom."

Jim and Pam drive along, joking about her aunt's suggestion to take mental pictures of the high points of the weekend, so they can remember them. Jim mimes snapping a photo, then gives her a hard time for blinking right when he took it. I'm sure Pam's aunt will be touched when she sees this.

Michael wakes up from behind the wheel (yes, you read that right), and Dwight puts in a mix CD for when Michael gets a woman to his hotel room. Except it's not music, but Dwight talking up Michael Scott's lovemaking. "That's not how it works," Michael says angrily. But you know what? We never see him give the CD back to Dwight.


Jim and Pam get to Niagara Falls, and are checking into the hotel. They've got separate rooms for tonight, but will have the Honeymoon Suite tomorrow. Pam asks to see the suite now, but it turns out Andy already checked in for the night. "I'll break in the bed!" he smarms. Jim and Pam are less excited by his offer than you might think.

Michael and Dwight show up at the front desk, but Michael didn't make a reservation: he's just expecting to get one of the block of rooms, but those are all full up. Dwight does have a reservation, having specified a room with two safes (?). Michael asks to crash with Dwight, saying he'd do the same for him. But when Dwight looks at the reservation and says it's got Michael Scott's name on it, Michael shuts Dwight out, in case he gets to come back to the room with a woman. "It's going to turn her off if she looks in the bathroom and sees you brushing your teeth with butter and clay." But Dwight was just testing Michael, and Michael failed. And he's not staying in Dwight's room, either.

Stanley shows up with Cynthia (the nurse he was having an affair with, you'll recall), and when Michael tries to glom into their room, Stanley shoots him down. So do Erin and Kelly, even more rudely than Stanley. But when Toby offers to put Michael up, he's told. "You are going to be sleeping alone for the rest of your life so you might as well get used to it."

Jim and Pam point out her "Meemaw" to Jim's dad. "She's the only 80-year-old with no smile wrinkles." They remind him not to say anything about Pam's pregnancy, and Michael insinuates himself into the conversation, trying to lock up the third slot on the toast order. Jim shuts that down, not that they haven't already discussed this. "That is going to seriously impede my ability to hook up with our female relatives," Michael stage whispers. He figures if his lips didn't move, nobody heard him say it.

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