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Later, Pam sits with Meemaw, who talks about being subjected to the move Bruno on the TV in her hotel room unable to turn it off, wondering how they could pick such a hotel. "Now I know," she says, getting up and leaving. Yeah, she should totally hang with Angela.

Michael tells Jim he thinks they saved it at the end, but Jim is too mortified to even be mad at Michael. "I can't believe it was me," Jim says. Neither can Michael. "It actually takes a lot of pressure off of me," he says. Pam comes up to them, saying, "Hey, smooth guys," and breaks the news that Meemaw's leaving in the morning and skipping the weeding. All Michael hears is "Free room."

He knocks on Meemaw's door, and she remembers him from before. "You're that foul man who kept talking about intercourse." He usually is. She lets him in, and says she can't go to bed since she still can't turn off the TV. Michael takes care of that for her, and they sit down so he can tell her to chill out. "It's not 1890 any more, it's modern day... I know in your day, she would be considered a whore." Always count on Michael to smooth things over. He may actually be onto something when he adds that Jim and Pam plan to name the baby after her. "They're gonna call her Meemaw."

Andy tells Kevin and Oscar that there's a party in his room (why waste the Honeymoon Suite, after all?), and Kevin asks what they can bring, "$40 dollars for beer, and any hot chicks you know, because that would help me deliver on some promises I made," Andy answers.

Pam encounters Angela in the hallway on her way to the hotel bar. Angela wants to shut that down, and then insists on going with her to chaperone. Which is, like, just about the nicest thing I've seen Angela do in years. Pam's like, never mind.

In Dwight's room, he's changed into a three-wolf-moon t-shirt, which does not impress Michael (who I guess is sleeping in there after all). That is, until Dwight howls at the moon ling enough to make Michael join in.

Down in the bar, Oscar tells Kevin, "There's no such thing as a good hairpiece." Kevin pets Oscar's hair, just as Pam's blonde sister walks by.

Dwight is talking about his farm to Michael and a couple of chicks. Michael wants to shut this down because it's not relatable, but they want to hear about the horses. He has 9 ¾ of them, you now. He THs about his "burger-on-the-go" that allows you to get burgers from a horse without killing it." I don't know if he shares that part with the ladies or not.

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