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On the roof, Veronica looks for Mac, until Beaver calls her name. She freezes, and turns to find him pointing the gun at her. Beaver implies that Mac's dead, strides forward, and yells at Veronica to throw him her bag. I should tell you that the episode goes totally off the rails for me from this point on, so if my opinion is going to detract from your enjoyment of the episode (not that it should) I'd suggest skipping ahead at least until we're off the roof. Fair warning and all, so really, don't email me. Beaver retrieves Veronica's stun-gun, and notes that saying he's a killer is a serious accusation, and asks what she knows. The ensuing scene is completely ridiculous for more than one reason, but the biggest to me is very simple: There's no reason for them to be having this conversation, other than for the audience's benefit. This, I think, is what a lot of posters meant when they rather astutely said that the scene came off like a Scooby-Doo-esque reveal. There's little enough reason for Beaver to want to know what Veronica knows -- he's going to kill her anyway, so he should stop wasting precious time and put a bullet in her head. But there's absolutely no reason for Veronica to be truthful here -- what does she think is going to happen to her once she lays everything out? I mean, she jumps to the conclusion that Beaver's a mass murderer from the picture, and yet she really thinks that once she triumphantly tells Beaver how she's figured out his evil plan, he's going to lay down his gun and submit to a citizen's arrest? Not at all credible, to me.

Veronica tells Beaver she knows about The Woodman's abuse, and we flash back to a French lab (explaining the French in the background on the tape) wherein Peter and Marcos are expressing their desire to expose The Woodman. Beaver isn't so much on board with that plan, but Peter and Marcos are going to tell anyway. On top of this, though, the computer Beaver's using for his language exercises is recording the conversation. A lot of people have expressed the opinion that it's exceedingly unlikely that Peter and Marcos would have exposed Beaver's abuse without his permission, because there's typically a code of silence among abuse victims, and given that that would conceivably have solved Beaver's problem, it's certainly needs bringing up. On top of that, though, what took them so long? I mean, Peter posted about "the outing of all outings" back in July, and even though it seems from the setting that he and Marcos had the conversation with Beaver much later, Beaver would still have needed some time to plan the crime. So again, why were they so kind as to keep the secret to themselves until Beaver had the chance to blow them up? Wouldn't it have made sense for Beaver to just kill them individually, if he's so good with explosives? It would have been a far quicker and simpler plan, with fewer variables (like, what if the limo got a flat tire? What if the rat ruse didn't work? What if Peter and Marcos decided to out The Woodman right at Shark Stadium, which in turn leads to the question of why they went to the stadium at all, if not for that?) It's not that I don't buy Beaver as damaged or a killer -- the possibility of that, I think, was exceptionally well foreshadowed. It's just that his plan doesn't make any sense. If Beaver is so desperate to keep his secret, and feels so angry and desperate about the abuse that he's willing to kill a handful of complete innocents, why didn't he kill his abuser much earlier, since he seems to have no problem doing it now? The incorporation/Phoenix Land Trust business came up much later, after all, and meanwhile, if anyone might have figured out who was really behind the bus crash, The Woodman is pretty high on the list. The Woodman knew who he molested. Probably, he would have kept the revelation to himself, as obviously, it would incriminate him, but what if he had a change of heart and confessed? What if another victim (like Lucky, for example) cracked? Does it make sense that Beaver would run even a small risk of exposure by keeping The Woodman alive, given that he killed a handful of total innocents to keep his secret? I don't know -- this just all comes off as a big mess to me.

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