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Leave It To Beavil Logan, who has ditched the party and seems sober enough. Contrivance, on the other hand, is fucking loaded. The text asks him to meet her on the roof. It's too bad he's going to expect some loving and instead find a gun-toting maniac, but I can understand Veronica sticking to the bare essentials there.

On the roof, Beaver stuns Veronica because that's just how he rolls these minutes, and makes a dumb joke about her walking the plank. Also, you just touched her there, kid, and if you can bring up the DNA, so can I. He stuns her again, then trains the gun on her, and then talks about framing Haaron for her death, as he's running out of things to talk about before Veronica can have someone show up and rescue her. From behind, Logan makes his appearance. Beaver shoots at Logan immediately, and if I were him, I'd wonder why I don't rate a ten-minute conversation. Logan takes cover, and Beaver advances and shoots again, but Veronica tackles Beaver from behind. Guess he should have stunned her three times, then. I mean, we've seen Veronica leave enough people in twitchy heaps from one shock to guess that this linebacker play from her after two shocks is just the teensiest bit unlikely. She unsuccessfully tries to get the gun away from him, but by the time he gets to his feet again, Logan tackles him from the other direction. Beaver manages to stun Logan, which will put him out of commission for half a second or so, but Veronica fires a warning shot, and instructs Logan to move away from Beaver. Logan, shocked, tells Veronica not to shoot Beaver. Veronica screams that Beaver killed Keith and everyone on the bus, and raped her. Beaver now looks all sad little boy, and -- while I adore Kyle Gallner and Beaver was my favorite character for most of the season -- he just can't get away with that at this point. Logan allows the shock of that revelation to sink in, but tentatively tells her she's not a killer. This interaction, I liked. It's been done before, but it's convincing, and resonates from her decision not to give up information that probably would have caused Liam Fitzpatrick to die. Logan takes the gun, and embraces her as she sobs, giving Beaver the opportunity to head to the side of the roof. He climbs over the railing, which Logan notices, yelling, "Beaver, don't!" Beaver emotionally cries that his name is Cassidy, and the acting again is fine here, but these emotions should have been at least somewhat present throughout the scene. I mean, Veronica called Beaver by his real name (not for the first time this season, by the way) when she was begging for Keith's life, and he didn't note that at all. If it's meaningful now, it should have been meaningful then. Logan valiantly tries again with Beaver's real name, but he's not having it, after Logan can't come up with a good reason why he shouldn't end his life, Beaver jumps backward off the roof. Sigh. I could have been happy to lose Beaver to this reveal, as again, I thought his issues were set up well, but this whole scene just was not good, frankly, and it makes the loss bitter for me. Logan and Veronica embrace again, and Logan's face starts to break, but Veronica remembers, "Mac!"

Veronica runs into Mac's room, because apparently she told hotel security that a crime was in play. What brilliant thinking! No wonder it took her so long to come up with it! Anyway, Mac is heartbreakingly huddled in only a towel, and, as Veronica gingerly approaches her, Mac tells her, "He took my clothes. He took everything." Did he take the room phone, too? Sorry, I'm sympathetic, I am. Also, many people took this comment to mean that Beaver raped her, but I don't see that as likely because of time constraints if nothing else. Veronica cries and embraces Mac. Man, do I hope they serve good therapy at Hearst.

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