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And now, a sequence I loved. Kendall and Haaron are post-coital. Okay, perhaps my personal loving started thirty seconds in. Kendall makes a comment about Haaron's, um, potency, and waddles off to the bathroom. Well, I'm assuming, but she did put the idea in my head. Haaron lights a cigar (which is exceedingly appropriate given what's about to happen), and flips on the TV to an old movie of his and approvingly notes, "Who's that handsome fellow?" Narcissistic to the end, and I love it. And that end is pretty seriously nigh, as we pan over to show a no-nonsense-looking gun with silencer attached about a foot from Haaron's right temple. Two shots leave the gun, blood spatters all over Haaron's TV image (niiiiiiiice, and I really mean that), and we pan up to see Wiedman. He marches out....

...and now we're in "Mollymook, Australia," as Duncan is putting the finishing touches on a sandcastle and Baby Lilly watches. His phone rings, and Duncan looks slightly apprehensive (Acting! I love it!) before he answers. Duncan opens, "CW?" and Wiedman responds, "It's a done deal." Okay, I normally hate it when the writers tempt fate, but that one was pretty awesome. Wiedman hangs up, uncovers the security camera, and leaves. Duncan closes his eyes for a second before the baby pipes up, and it's another nice touch to focus in on her just after her namesake was avenged. People wondered what was in this for Wiedman, but I think the way he pursued Amelia's killer (where there wasn't anything clearly in it for him) just shows his fierce professional pride, and we already knew how loyal he's been to the Kanes. It's true that it's a bit of a surprise that Duncan was behind the hit, but given how much he loved Lilly and Veronica, and the fact that Haaron had the gall to try to pin the rap on him easily lets me buy it. One of my favorite moments of the season.

JFK. Wallace runs into Jackie, and they share a warm embrace, before Jackie confesses that she's not going to Paris. After dealing with the security issue by saying that she bought a ticket on the shuttle to Philly, Jackie tells Wallace that she didn't grow up rich, and her mom is a waitress who had a one-night stand with Cook: "I'm just another kid from Brooklyn who got screwed up on drugs and booze and all the wrong friends." Wallace says none of that matters, but Jackie tells him that she has a two-year-old son. Wallace looks grim, so I guess Jackie's past isn't quite as easy to dismiss when it isn't even toilet trained. Jackie adds that when her son was born, her mom got in touch with her dad and sent Jackie to California to try to start over, while she raised Jackie's kid. But Terrence's recent dropping of Jackie from his life made her realize that she was being a hypocrite, so she needed to go home and be there for her son. Jackie tells Wallace that she has to stay, but his life is in Neptune, so he has to go. And this is a nice, well-acted moment, but...the idea of the teenage black chick having a secret child is a little overdone, not to mention that it was never hinted at through the course of the season. And also, I haven't really thought about Jackie sticking around on the show for some time, so let's move on from the sweet sorrow....

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