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Mars Investigations. Veronica notes that The Woodman has a lot of credit cards, and Keith discovers The Woodman had chlamydia. Keith doesn't seem to see the awkward there, but Veronica looks like she'd rather not think about the idea that she happened to have the same STD as a known child molester. Can't imagine why, Keith. Also, The Woodman has a heart arrhythmia that forces him to take a pill every day. If the medication isn't nitroglycerin, I think the writers missed an opportunity for some irony. Keith asks Veronica to get Gia's cell access code to use in some sort of PI plan to trace The Woodman when he calls his lawyer/college buddy. Veronica, with a somewhat fond smile, tells him she'd guarantee Gia hasn't changed it from the factory default setting. So Veronica likes Gia, but feels she's a bit of a dim bulb. This is not one of those times I'm having trouble following her thinking.

Veronica's in bed as her alarm goes off. The picture looks kind of overexposed, but her clock reads 6:30, and that's an hour at which everything is a little too bright. Lianne enters the room with a broad smile, and tells Veronica to get up because it's her big day. Kind of interesting that she's so psyched for Veronica's graduation in the dream, given that in real life, she didn't even make it to her own. Sometime later, Veronica comes into the kitchen to find a smiling Keith in his sheriff's uniform. Lianne serves Veronica pancakes and exposition that Veronica's going to San Diego State, and then Keith pulls Lianne down into his lap for a little making out. Veronica stares, perhaps wondering how she's going to reconcile this spectacle with the idea that it's wrong to waste food. But no, apparently her true self is shining through at this moment, and she tells her parents that it's nice to see them like this. Lianne mockingly feels Veronica's forehead, and then Keith tells Veronica that Lamb has to wear the "Crimefighting Canine" costume to the elementary schools that week. If I were Veronica, I would be hella pissed that I woke up before I got a chance to see that. I'm kind of mad at her myself. Lianne tells Veronica not to run off with "that boy" because she wants to take pictures. Well, I suppose I can hold off for a couple minutes to find out who it is, given that I waited a whole summer to find out who was at the frickin' door. Lianne snaps a picture...

...and we cut to some girl at graduation doing the same. Many of the students are in cap and gown, but Veronica is in her dress from before as she marches up to her friends and complains about having the wrong outfit. The friends in question are Logan, Duncan, and Dick. I guess one of the lessons here is that Veronica's unconscious feels that Dick shouldn't have failed physics. Veronica, understandably mispronouncing his last name, asks whether they know Wallace, and Duncan calls him an "awesome baller" and says that he works at the Sac-n-Pac. Dick takes the awesome ball and runs with it, saying Wallace got held up at work, and the robber forced him into the walk-in cooler. Duncan adds that Wallace lost three fingers to frostbite as a result. Veronica buys this hook, line, and sinker, until the boys crack up, and Logan tells her: "Sweetie, I love you, but you have to be the most gullible girl I've ever met." Given that he kisses her right after, Duncan probably should have called her "squee-tie." Anyway, Duncan tells Veronica that he sees Wallace, and then so do we. Wallace's wearing glasses, so apparently one of the effects of Veronica's friendship is curing nearsightedness. Would someone please introduce me to her? Anyway, they make some small talk, with Veronica opining that high school was a blast, and Wallace oozing "Not so much" subtext. Well, he can't have been that awesome a baller in this reality. Even the biggest geek is going to find some popularity if he's the basketball team's leading scorer. Veronica turns her attention elsewhere and sees Lilly standing in front of her memorial fountain. Veronica doesn't seem to find anything wrong with that, which just means her learning curve after Lilly's death was even steeper than I thought. Veronica rushes up and breathlessly asks about Vassar, so hopefully this means I won't have to keep explaining how Lilly was a year older than the rest of the kids. I dare to dream sometimes. Veronica also asks about the new guy Lilly's seeing, and Lilly says that they're not together, because she hooked up with his (female) ex. "I mean, you'd think that guys would dig that, right?" Yes, but only if they can at least watch. And I'm surprised at you, Lilly, missing your chance to perform in front of an audience. At Veronica's "You chowed box?" face, Lilly tells her that in college, lesbian hookups are expected. I wonder if this is a subtle way to lure more straight males into watching Season 3. Lilly then notes the inscription on the fountain, causing Veronica's face to fall mightily, and then (in possibly my favorite line of the episode as far as the delivery goes) is like, "Do you smell bacon?" Bye, Amanda. Remind me to catch up on Big Love when I have more than two seconds to spare.

Veronica, in bed, but now in normal light, is awakened by Keith calling her. He opens the door and tells her he's making breakfast. Veronica slumps back down and recalls how good her mom's pancakes tasted, as we go to opening credits.

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