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The ceremony continues, as Mac goes up to the podium. Beaver enthusiastically cheers, and Dick half-heartedly puts his hands together, as well. Looks like someone still remembers Sally, although I wish that that someone would let us in on the secret. (Okay, not really.) Eventually, Veronica is called, and Keith gives her a standing-o and a loud cheer. Aww. There's a lot of other noise for her, as well, which I'm not sure I buy, but then again, Keith might have made it worth their while. You know, given them a little money, offered not to shoot them in the kneecaps if they clapped -- that sort of thing. Anyway, Veronica is a little overwhelmed at the outpouring of emotion, and Clemmons confidentially tells her that he can't decide if his life is going to be easier or harder without her. I hope not to have to consider such thoughts in the near future. Does Dawn Ostroff have a wish list?

By the way, this seems as good a time as any to express my admiration for all the lengths to which the posters have recently gone to see that the show is renewed. For those of you that don't know, among other things, they had a plane fly over the UPN and CW offices with the message "Renew Veronica Mars." Totally awesome. I'm glad that, according to media reports, the efforts haven't gone unnoticed, and you guys deserve a huge pat on the back.

Outside, Keith finds Veronica and gives her an envelope. This should be cool, because on this show, thin envelopes mean good news. Anyway, Veronica's won a trip to New York, and from Keith's mention of possible sightseeing destinations, either he's going with her, or he really wants her to hook up with a professional baseball player. (Not that the latter isn't possible, if you believe that people sometimes project their fantasies onto others.) Veronica profusely thanks Keith, and then sends him off to catch The Woodman, as it creeps her out even knowing he's on the loose. She and I are just agreeing on everything today. Dick smacks Veronica on the ass as he passes, but her response is merely the finger-guns, so I guess she's chilled out about him. Makes sense -- I mean, at least she knows, for sure and certain and beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he didn't rape her.

Veronica's in her car, when Alicia catches her and tells her that Wallace has headed off to Paris in an effort to track down Jackie. Veronica looks like she's feeling the ennui about this subplot, as she sighs her way into the second commercial break.

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