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Men Are Pigs...

Couple thoughts; I have to pace myself here. As I indicated earlier, my sympathy's all over the map here, and while I think the "nine out of ten" thing is bullshit, the idea that some people would panic and run in Logan's situation rings true to me. When something happens like that that you didn't plan, your best instincts don't always take over, so I'm with him to some degree there, although it might be because I just saw Babel. But here's the thing: Logan kept a whopper of a secret from Veronica. He probably never would have told her if his hand hadn't been forced by the Mercer accusation. And to claim that he didn't tell her because of how she'd react -- that's chickenshit behavior, it's blaming her for how she is, and that's not stuff that leads to relationship bliss either. Notice how the words "I'm sorry" never came out of Logan's mouth? Those words are hard for him to say, as I've opined in the recent past, but if he can't find something in this situation about which to say it, that is, as they say in Mexico, no bueno. Also, I have to add this: what kind of bullshit was it that Mercer and Logan were going to risk going back to Mexico in "Wichita Linebacker"? And Veronica having misgivings about that trip doesn't seem so crazy in light of this revelation, does it? And one more thing: I noted at the time how ridiculous it seemed that Mercer would blow off the casino for a weekend jaunt to TJ, but now we find out he would have been skipping out on two radio shows as well? I thought that episode pretty much sucked, so I'm happy to blame it instead of this one, but that is some crap, there.

In the morning, Meryl excitedly wakes Veronica up and says that she got a message from Sully. Veronica listens to it, and all I can say is it sounds like Sully's been partying with Mercer. And given where we end up finding him, maybe that's not out of the realm of possibility. Veronica asks about the number Sully called from, and upon learning that it was his cell number, says that as long as he's got it turned on, they can track him. And...she couldn't have tried this earlier? I know Meryl's kind of a dingbat, Veronica, but I think she could reliably have supplied you with his cell number, babe. Damn, I didn't catch that on first viewing, but that's really irritating. Veronica hops out of bed and steps over Piz, who sleepily asks her to being back "an egg sandwich of some sort." Veronica assents by way of a Blues Brothers reference.

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