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Men Are Pigs...

...and at the sheriff's station, Lamb is telling them that the cops picked Sully up the night before, all drunk and in a wetsuit. He couldn't remember his name, which didn't seem strange until his memory didn't return after he sobered up, and they noticed a big knot on the back of his head. Lamb says that he's going to have Sacks take Sully to the hospital "as soon as he gets back with my bear claw." Hee. I love the idea of Sacks being the PA of the sheriff's station. Lamb tells Meryl that he'll have someone let her back to see Sully in a minute. When he's gone, Veronica apologizes (yes, she said "I'm sorry") for jumping to the wrong conclusions and putting doubts in Meryl's head, but Meryl says it's okay, and that she never would have found him without Veronica. Well, "never" is a strong word, but I'll ignore it, because if I don't move on, I'll never get this recap finished. Meryl adds, "If I hadn't been in love before, I never would have believed it either." Veronica wonders if it's unusual for the "The More You Know" starfall to actually pierce people's hearts.

At the drunk tank, Meryl calls Sully's name, and he wakes up and responds in kind. He kind of heartbreakingly adds, "I was looking for you, " and kisses Meryl's forehead. Veronica looks wistful until Lamb yells, "Hey! No touching!" And if you want to dissipate any semblance of sappiness, a good Arrested Development reference is certainly the way to go. Lamb tells Meryl that they're going to take Sully to the hospital now, and that she's welcome to tag along. Meryl happily bids Veronica farewell.

Veronica's on her way out when she sees Mercer being led back to the cells. She asks him whether Logan didn't come by, and Mercer says that he did, and thanks her for clearing his name, although not overly effusively. This guy is one cool customer. He tells Veronica that Lamb found something lacking in Mercer's attitude, so he's holding Mercer as long as he can under law. He adds that Logan's picking him up for breakfast the next day, and that Veronica's welcome to join them. Veronica: "Doubtful!" Hee. But...a lot of things seem off about Mercer. First, if Logan's account of what happened in Mexico is to be believed, Mercer's comment to Veronica that it was in Logan's best interests to keep the secret seems both disingenuous and callous. But beyond that, Mercer didn't tell the sheriff he was DJing on the night of Parker's rape, which seems preposterous. I mean, he spins Friday and Saturday nights, so it's not like he had to recall the exact date, particularly not with that log available. Then when Veronica provides evidence to clear him, he mysteriously gets kept in jail on the very night Veronica is attacked? It feels like he wanted to have an airtight alibi for the night, which suggests involvement somehow. I could be making something out of nothing, and it wouldn't be the first time, but this episode has made me think way more than any other in a long time, so you'll just have to put up with my rambling. If you haven't skipped ahead already.

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