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Men Are Pigs...

Veronica has left the cafeteria, and I'm with the posters who thought she did so because the drugs were messing with her head. I mean, if the drug allowed people to think out, "Wow, I've been drugged, I should really ask someone for help," its efficacy in the realm of date rape would be severely compromised. The VMVO here is kind of on the nose about how she can't believe this is happening to her again, though, which I think is a mistake, because if you're trying to paint the picture that she left the populated food court because the drug was affecting her judgment, I don't think you should really allow Veronica to have too many coherent thoughts. Veronica tries to get to her car, but in the parking garage, she sees a blurry, hooded figure approaching. She tries to speed up, and actually gets her car door open, but can't manage to get in, and collapses. With her last conscious action, though, she presses the alarm button on her car keys, causing her car's lights to flash and the horn to honk.

Nearby, Logan sees and hears Veronica's car.

The assailant reaches a rubber-gloved hand down and turns off the alarm. From the skin visible on his wrist, he does appear to be a white male.

Logan rushes in and finds Veronica lying face-down and alone. He turns her over, and she heartbreakingly asks him to take her home. Logan's horrified to see that the assailant shaved off a bit of Veronica's hair. Of course, given some of the board sentiment about her current do, he might have been doing her a favor there. And Logan, I know you're in an emotional state here, but the rapist is probably all of fifty feet away at the moment, so might I suggest you RUN AWAY? I mean, if this episode has taught us anything, it's that you know how to do that rather well.

We fade back up to Keith spoon-feeding Veronica some medicine as Logan anxiously hovers behind him. Veronica complains that it's nasty. Logan: "Cowboy up, Mars." Aw.

After another fade-out, it's Keith and Logan who are in Sleepyland, while I think Veronica's half-awake, although it's hard to tell through the two pounds of makeup she's wearing. I mean, I know last night was rough, but she's not crossing over just yet. A VMVO, by way of a South Park reference (and nice continuity, again, some more) tells us that you can give faith to the people you love, but the ones who really deserve it come through even when you don't love them enough.

Next time: Veronica and Logan are having problems. Yes, I'm sure that's a new promo.

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