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Men Are Pigs...

Piz is either trying or pretending to study, but in either case, what he's really doing is watching Veronica, whose attention is fixed on her laptop. There's a knock at the door, and Piz opens it to find Moe and the now-tea-brandishing girl. Heh. Moe gets all "So that's how it is" when he sees Veronica lounging on Wallace's bed in a t-shirt and cotton shorts. She quickly says that it's not what it looks like, and Moe over-enthuses, "Not one to judge!" The fact that he delivers the line more awkwardly than a non-English speaker would read it out of a phrasebook is what sells it. (Said phrasebook was compiled by Andy Dick, FYI.) Anyway, Moe asks Piz if he's seen his next-door-neighbor "Sully," since the tea-drinker is his girlfriend. The girl ("Meryl" is her name, and if that's not how you spell it, don't email me) pipes up that she flew down from Sacramento, and that Sully was supposed to pick her up at the airport, and it's not like him to flake, so she's worried something's happened to him. Piz gives an hilariously overdramatic head-turn toward Veronica. It's like he's practicing for his credit sequence for when he gets cast on The Amazing Race. Veronica's like, "Oh, fine, like I have a choice," and her resigned smile takes us into the opening credits.

We watch from within Sully's room as the four from the previous scene enter. Moe exposits that all the RAs have keys to all the dorm rooms, and as things that Might Be Important Later go, that one's pretty far up the list. Veronica notes all the cheesecake posters on the wall, but the girl says that they're Sully's roommate's. Piz then discovers that Sully's toiletries are still there, and then Veronica, flipping through the facebook, asks the girl if she knows a "Scarlett Reyes," since her picture is circled. The girl says that Sully didn't draw that circle -- his is more perfect due to all the drafting classes he's taken. Honey, a year of drafting was mandatory in my high school, and I didn't gain any improvement in my circle-drawing. I did gain an abiding hatred for non-Number Two pencils, but that's threatening to become a different story. In other news, many posters were quick to point out that Scarlett's surname is the same as the mysterious "Marisol Reyes" who was mentioned all the way back in mid-Season 1, so we'll get to see if that goes anywhere. Meryl says that she's just going to stay and wait for Sully, and Veronica says that she's got a class, but that she'll check back with Meryl later. Veronica then digs into the wastebasket. Moe warily looks at Piz, who's like, "Year of finishing school. What are you gonna do." Hee. Veronica comes up with a credit-card receipt: "I'll check to see if he's out spending money."

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