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Men Are Pigs...

Criminology class. Landry wraps up a slide show and tells the class about their end-of-term research paper -- "to plan the perfect murder." Considering how overzealously he approaches term assignments, it's probably a good thing Rider Strong isn't in this class. Landry charms the class as VMVO lumps him in with all the men in her life who are currently disappointing her. Landry then calls Veronica up to speak with him, and the creepy way the light from the projector bathes his face is perhaps ruining the potential subtlety of the upcoming exchange. Once the class has basically cleared out, Veronica approaches and starts to say that what she saw really doesn't matter to her, but Landry doesn't acknowledge that and conversationally steamrolls her as he tells her he's recommending her for a summer internship at the FBI. Veronica takes a folder from him and warily reads, "Fifteen hundred words on why I'll benefit from the program?" Landry says that they take it seriously, so she should fill the application out and he'll take it in lieu of her final assignment. He adds that the guy who runs the intern program at Quantico is an old undergrad buddy of his. I'm no expert on the Federal government's law institutions, but I'd think that before Landry recommended Veronica for this internship, he'd want to find out a few things, like, say, how many times Veronica's been hauled in to be interrogated by the local law. At the very least, he should want to know just how big a favor he's asking for. Veronica thanks Landry, but when he's gone, VMVO is a little less enthusiastic about the whole thing.

Logan is waiting for Veronica outside the building. She somewhat impatiently informs him that she's on Mercer's case, but she won't be permitted to talk to him until the next morning. Logan tells her that he wants to make things right between them. Veronica: "You tell me your friend couldn't have raped a girl because he was with you this summer. Then you won't tell me what you were doing or why you can't come forward to provide an alibi." I do get paid to recap this stuff, Veronica. Take a load off. Logan begs her to trust him, since it'll be better for everyone if the secret doesn't come to light. However, Veronica points out that the alibi must be pretty damning if Mercer would rather stay in jail than divulge it, and Logan's expression does nothing to allay her fears. Logan then gives us the other side of the phone call to which Keith referred, and asks where she's staying. Veronica parrots Logan: "It's better for everyone if that secret stays that way." That sounds harsh, but she's probably not kidding that it's at least better for Piz. Seriously, I know it may seem I'm all over the map on Veronica this season, but I think there's a big difference between being bitchy when your life is in a calm and stable period and lashing out when you're clearly hurt, and with good reason. I mean, Logan said he wanted to make things right, but in practice, he offered Veronica nothing new to work with. Not that I don't have some sympathy for Logan here too, but that can wait for the moment.

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