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Men Are Pigs...

Veronica goes to see Meryl, who tells her that Sully hasn't shown up, and that maybe they should go to the police. Veronica says that it hasn't been forty-eight hours, and we've been over this ground before, but let's ignore that in favor of reporting that she also doesn't advocate Meryl's idea "because the sheriff is a moron." She asks if Meryl knows Sully's cell-phone PIN, only she says "PIN number." Oy. I suppose I should be thankful that the whole thing with Claire and the camera didn't result in a reference to an "ATM machine."

Cut to Veronica checking Sully's messages. The fact that she's being allowed to do this makes me think Meryl and Sully don't have a lot of voicemail phone sex. Anyway, after a couple of messages from when Meryl was stranded at the airport, they hear Scarlett asking if she and Sully are still on for 8 at the food court that night. "You told your girlfriend, right?" Meryl, not in the least suspicious, asks Veronica what she makes of that. Veronica wonders where she can get hold of some sock puppets as we go to commercial.

Mercer's sleeping uncomfortably in lock-up when Veronica's voice cuts in, "Nobody willing to spoon you?" Untrue, my dear, and I can supply handles and IP addresses to prove it. Veronica, after making a "Jailhouse Rock" reference, asks Mercer about the alibi for the night of the third rape, which occurred on August 13th. Mercer says that while the nights of the other three rapes aren't memorable for him, this one is, but as for what they were up to? "Logan has good reason to keep that to himself." However, Mercer adds that Logan is a solid guy: "I'd want him to be my boyfriend if I swung that way." My boards are busy enough, kid, so get away from me with that LoMer shit. But I will agree with the rapidly burgeoning sentiment that Ryan Devlin is pretty damn hot, and the jailhouse stubble he's working is not hurting one bit. Veronica asks if there's anything he can tell her that would help, and Mercer informs her that Lamb was very interested in his cologne. However, GQ had a sample of it in its back-to-school issue, so "I hardly think that's some huge clue." Considering most college males are more on the level of Maxim, I'm not sure I agree. He also tells her that the GHB wasn't his, and that he thinks someone's setting him up -- a couple of guys owe him big. The first is Chip, which doesn't surprise Veronica. Although I can't believe no one has made mention of the rather important revelation that Claire's having faked her rape means that the Pi Sigs haven't been cleared of shit. You'd think Nish at least would have caught that. But the second guy Mercer suggests is Dean Ed, as the Dean is a big boxing fan, as we all knew from last episode. Mercer adds that Dean Ed is not the greatest at picking the pugilists, and while he places the bets through a student aide, it's his money: "He'd like to see me gone." Veronica, intrigued, says that she'll look into it, and Mercer tells her that Logan's "bragged her up," and that he appreciates the help. I'm not sure I believe one word he said, but that doesn't mean I didn't love hearing him talk.

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