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Men Are Pigs...

Veronica and Meryl arrive at the busy, busy food court. Once they're safely hidden behind some fake plants, Veronica, gently enough, reproaches Meryl for not telling her about the fight. Meryl says that it was over nothing, and just caused by long-distance stress, but Veronica comes back to pushing the "he's just not into you" angle as a possibility, again. Hey, Veronica? Occam's Razor suggests that if she wanted your opinion, she'd ask for it. Anyway, Scarlett sits down at a table, and Meryl starts to rush over to her. Veronica tries to get her to hang back and see if Sully appears, but Meryl isn't having it, and marches over to Scarlett's table and introduces herself. Veronica catches up and asks Scarlett when she last saw Sully, and the answer was Thursday, "in Physics Lab." It's Friday, honey, so here's a tip: learn the word "Yesterday." The Beatles can help. Veronica, noting that Scarlett is dressed for a night out, accuses her of at least wanting to steal Sully, and you know, it occurs to me that just because Meryl turns out to be right about Sully doesn't mean that Veronica is completely wrong about Scarlett here. Even with her explanation that she's going to a club after this, a study date in a hot outfit with a guy on a Friday night doesn't strike me as above suspicion, you know? Meryl says that Veronica doesn't have to be mean, but Veronica tells her that she can choose to be a patsy or not to be one. This doesn't strike me as any worse than her yelly speech to Mandy in "Hot Dogs" -- if anything, it's milder -- and she's under similar amounts of emotional stress here, so I can let it pass. Again, it's only when Veronica's bitchy in her resting emotional state that I have a real problem with it.

Anyway, Veronica sees Landry across the food court, and if he's hanging on campus at 8 on a Friday night, maybe his dance card isn't as full as I would have expected. Or more likely, his dates don't tend to start until the kids are in bed. Veronica marches over to Landry, who's standing in front of the Chili's we've seen before, although this is the first time it's been featured quite so prominently. He greets her affably, but his mood darkens a little when she tells him that she's turning down the internship, and she'll be doing the paper like everyone else. Landry plays dumb a bit longer, which people a lot less intelligent than he is could tell him is a mistake, forcing Veronica to inform him that she doesn't think she'll get much out of the program if she feels like she's been bought off. She adds that she was never going to tell anyone about his "situation" with Mindy, and Landry's expression at having to hear the "I'm not angry; I'm just disappointed" lecture from a student barely over five feet tall is pretty priceless. He recovers well, though, and says he expects nothing from her in return for the recommendation; she's his strongest student by far, and the internship would help her future tremendously. And, going back to the ambiguity theme here, I don't entirely disbelieve him. For all his disappointment about Landry's personal life, it doesn't seem like Landry treated Lucky Tim badly; there's every reason to think their association has benefited Tim tremendously, or he would presumably have walked away in a fit of moral pique. VMVO says that her mind is blown, and it gets even more so when she observes Scarlett and Meryl hugging. Heh.

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