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FBI. Stan is going through Chris's desk and comes across two items -- a cigar and a whoopee cushion -- that both sum up Chris and underline what a weird cartoon he ultimately became. Seriously, a CIGAR and a WHOOPEE CUSHION. "Oh, so he was a gross misogynist sex maniac AND a fun-loving jokester? OKAY!" Thank God Special Agent John-Boy stops things before we get to the massage oils and hand-buzzer. He tells Stan that they got a lead on the Telltale Pinky Ring. Some salvage-yard guy tried to fence it earlier, and now they've managed to find the car before it got cubed. Stan's on his way, but Agent John-Boy makes sure he takes two agents with him. I guess while Stan is forgiven for Vlad, John-Boy isn't taking any chances.

Elsewhere, Elizabeth calls Gregory from a pay phone and taps the receiver with a coin three times, signaling him that she needs to meet in person.

At the salvage yard, Stan is questioning the incredibly defensive owner, who's all "Sometimes people leave things and I don't ask questions! You got a problem with that?" Stan takes the steady, direct approach, asking who delivered the car and when. Once more, the salvage guy is really animated about how he doesn't know. He shows Stan where in the trunk he found the clue. Stan checks inside the trunk and -- judging by the cranny in which the ring was found -- determines that Chris put it there on purpose, to be found later. Stan then asks the other two agents to give him a minute alone with the yard owner, which quite predictably leads to threats and intimidation. He finally gets him to admit that a couple black guys -- drugs dealers, most likely -- occasionally drop cars off here to be destroyed. He doesn't ask questions or hadn't you heard? Stan then drags the guy off to go look at mug shots at the station.

Elizabeth meets with Gregory at a local bar. She gives him the update about the ring and tells him to stay safe and out of sight until this blows over. She also updates him on the situation with Philip and her kids. She kind of sheepishly admits that he kind of predicted this would happen. He puts a hand on her shoulder, then her face, but she tells him that's not a great idea as she's a mess. Instead, he just tells her she's going to be okay. She tells him they all will -- him included. It's all going to blow over. Gregory wonders what happens if it doesn't. She doesn't want to cross that bridge unless they have to. Lay low.

After the break, Salvage Yard Guy proves that he's not only short-fused and repetitive but also kind of a racist, as he observes that all these guys in the mug books look the same. But lo! He finds one who looks very much like the guy who dropped the car off. It's Curtis, Gregory's guy from Philly, who -- because this show is waaaaaaay more simple-minded than most people are giving it credit for -- is immediately recognizable to Stan as the guy who he chased through that Philly project. At night. Weeks ago. He ends up taking his lead to Special Agent John-Boy, explaining the whole Philly connection, Joyce Ramirez, the whole Directorate-S connection. When Agent John-Boy asks why Stan didn't apprehend the guy back in Philly, Stan explains that the guy was "a little fast for me." John-Boy takes a look back at Curtis's mug shot and goes, "Figures." Charming '80s racism!

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