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This Pudding is Bananas

On to the final team of Amanda, Stephen, Tamesha, and Jacqueline, or as I like to call them, Team Clusterfuck. Amanda made braised chicken thighs in a sherry jus. Because just marinating the chicken in alcohol wasn't enough -- let's give the kids straight alcohol ladled over the top. Stephen made sweet onion rice with tomatoes, carrots, and green onions. It looks bland and dry, but at least he tried to sneak some veggies in there. I hope it's brown rice, at least. Tamesha made a green bean and tomato salad with pickled red onions and apple cider vinaigrette. It looks colorful, at least. There seem to be a lot of tomatoes in there, and I know a lot of kids who would pick around those tomatoes. I know a lot of adults that would. And Jacqueline made banana pudding with skim milk and fresh strawberries. She would have been better off ditching the banana pudding all together and trying to do something with the strawberries, like a strawberry mousse or something? It's like she got pudding in her head (heh) and couldn't deviate. As the judges eat, Gail brings up the point about the sherry and kids, but no one really responds. Padma likes the bean and tomato salad. Sam tries the banana pudding and says, "Something happened in there." Uh oh. Tom says that it's starchy and pretty sweet, but Padma likes the strawberries. See, she should have just gone with the strawberries. Gail thinks the rice is mushy, and one of the kids says he didn't like that team's food because it had "rice and all that nasty stuff."

The kids start chanting "taco, taco" and a few others are chanting "chicken, chicken". Those kids are drunk. Jacqueline is happy that some of the kids came back for seconds. Yeah, you put a ton of sugar into something and kids will like it. Who knew? Sam talks about the importance of getting kids used to fresh and tasty food instead of high-fat, high-sugar foods at a young age, and then the judges leave to ponder their choices. Team Drama seems to be getting along fine now, and Kelly interviews that she "appreciated the help from them" but feels like they are taking part of her dish away. She really does think that she was the team boss, doesn't she?

Weird interstitial. Padma talks to the kids about the food and what they liked and didn't like. And then all of the kids want hugs. I'm sorry, some of those boys (and possibly girls) are old enough that they're thinking, "Boobies!" when they get that hug.

The cheftestants file into the stew room. Angelo is grilling Kenny and making him rate the various components of their dishes (presentation, flavor, etc.) on a scale of one to ten. Man, is he annoying. Also, stop trying to pretend like you care, Angelo. Everyone shushes them so they can all hear Kevin, who has fallen asleep in his chair, snoring. Kevin wakes up and does that sheepish glance that says, "Did anyone notice I was sleeping? I think I was snoring" and everyone laughs. Padma interrupts the mirth to call in Angela, Kenny, Ed, and Tracey, and also Amanda, Stephen, Tamesha, and Jacqueline. Are they the winners or the loser? Or both? The cheftestants left behind are all confused, since usually the winners go in first. I'm glad they're mixing it up. It was too predictable.

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