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Kelly tells Arnold that she is responsible for the carnitas and wants to know if he's got everything he needs for his dish. Arnold bitches, "Well, I think it's a team effort, so...." Okay. Arnold. Take it down a notch. Maybe you're jealous that you didn't get to do the main dish or whatever, but Padma clearly explained that each chef will be judged individually on his or her individual dish, so I think Kelly is in the right. She does seem to be kind of bulldozing her way into leadership, but at least someone is doing it, because otherwise you end up a hundred dollars over budget and with someone serving alcohol to minors. So zip it. And I wonder if Kelly were a dude, would Arnold have this problem?

Tracey and Kelly sit outside and chat. Tracey talks, both here and in an interview, about how she's been raising her girlfriend's daughter (girlfriend! I was right about that for once!) and none of them have healthy eating habits, and they should. The girl eats hot dogs for breakfast. Look, I'm not about to judge someone else's parenting, but I hope that's because the kid is a picky eater and not because her parents can't come up with anything else, because one of them makes food for a living. Tracey talks about the important of modeling good eating habits. Listen. My mom made dinner EVERY NIGHT and it was on the table at 5 PM exactly and she never pulled any of my own "let's just have cereal or a frozen pizza" bullshit. How did she do that? Of all the things I admire about my mother, that is one of the most amazing, and the one I really didn't appreciate until, like, now.

Arnold and his team (minus Kelly) are having a bitch session about Kelly and how they think she isn't sharing the credit. Kelly walks in and at least Arnold has the maturity to have them all sit down as a team and discuss it, although it kind of feels more like an ambush since he made sure everyone was on his side first. So Arnold and Tiffany lay out their argument while Kelly just sits there, mouth agape, and she interviews that each of them has to stand up and defend one dish, so she doesn't get what the problem is, since she thought she was being collaborative. I don't really get what the problem is either, unless either A) Arnold just likes to create drama or B) Kelly is kind of annoying and bossy. It might be a little of both. It turns out that Arnold feels that he finished his dish quickly to help out the others, and he worries that the judges won't think his dish is complicated enough. So that's the real issue, even though he could have made whatever he wanted, and no one asked him to help out the others.

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