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The God Of Small Things

Louis: "Alicia, I missed you! I can't wait to destroy you, though."
Alicia: "I missed you too! How's that tardive dyskinesia? On an unrelated note, could you stand a little closer to the top of these stairs?"
Louis: "So how come you hated Martha?"
Alicia: "I wish that I could tell you the actual story there, so that it would get back to Martha, so she would stop hating me. But I can't, so I'll plead the full Alicia and say very little."
Louis: "Caitlin is so blonde. And so very David Lee's niece-like. It's a great day where I get to pull moral rank on you for once."
Alicia: "How about mine against yours. Two young ladies enter, one young lady leaves."
Louis: "Oh my God, just come work at my firm please. You're like my favorite."
Alicia: "Ugh."

Provost: "I certainly didn't pay attention to Deb's politics. She was the intolerant, argumentative one. Not because of her politics, just because she is a bitch."
Caitlin: "So, is it downsizing? Or the nonexistent evaluations? Or being disruptive?"
Provost: "All of them. I guess you're just so stupid. She is in the Tea Party and bitches about abortion and stuff. And me touching her without consent."
Caitlin: "So the other teachers complained too?"
Provost: "Not because of her stance but because she was disruptive."
Caitlin: "So probably plenty of professors are also wingnuts? No offense, Deb."
Provost: "I wouldn't know. We don't talk about things like ideas or politics at my university."

Just get to the part where this is the English department already. Alicia and Louis go running out and Alicia totally makes fun of his walk, and then runs down the stairs to get away with him/fuck with his head, and takes a picture of something in the lobby of the university building where this is all happening.


I feel like Andrew Wiley's kid has aged an appropriate amount since the last time we saw him. His fashion sense, on the other hand, is blowing up, in a high-end turtleneck and deconstructed khaki blazer. He is not happy to see Cary, but Cary's kind of excited to see him.

Meanwhile, Eli wanders around L/G staring at lawyers like he's at the zoo. Attempting to be social, apparently. Oh, Eli. You do confound.


Caitlin continues going after him for Deb's politics, and Louis finally stands up and makes a hardcore speech about whether or not this is the stances or the disruptions. Alicia asks the arbitrator to hold over for more evidence, and Louis tells him how to do his job, and they reconvene until tomorrow, despite Louis's tardive dyskinesia.

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