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The God Of Small Things


Alicia: "Grace, have you heard of this thing the Bible?"
Grace: "Have I."
Alicia: "What does it say about homosexuality?"
Grace: "Nothing, in the way that we understand it. I mean, it was written thousands and thousands of years ago. They were cool with slavery and rape back then, it's not much like our social reality. But here's some rote Leviticus nonsense about how sleeping with guys is just like eating lobster."
Alicia: "Do you really believe this cheap shit? What about Uncle Owen? What about Finn, for God's sake? How can you be against Finn?"

Give it up, Jacob. He's not coming back.

Grace: "It's not those particular homosexuals I'm worried about, actually. In fact, it's possible to be a Christian and not hate anybody, just like the majority of thinking Christians keep saying. I'm still working it out, but I think it might have something to do with how my personal relationship with God is more important than literally enacting each word -- subject to my own whim, of course -- in a hugely flawed translation of a science fiction anthology from an alien culture as though it were concrete truth."
Alicia: "I just hoped that you were entering the autistic YouTube culture and were going to quit with the Jesus all the time."
Grace: "In order to be the most annoying person alive, I plan to do both."

Grace: "What are you so worried about these days? Zach is a good driver."
Alicia: "It's these dreams I keep... No, you know what. I have a foreboding."
Grace: "Is it about Will Gardner?"
Alicia, bursting into tears: "This year has been FUCKED UP. It's like no matter what I do, this show is happening TO me and I never actually DO anything, just get screwed."
Grace: "Perhaps you should simplify some things."

I mean, the fact that she would break down in front of Grace, of all people, just over this dumb accusation from Jackie last time and the weird atmosphere at L/G and the stress of lying to people -- which they're not even doing, but you know Alicia, she would totally think they were -- and Donnie Pike and this arbitration making her feel weird because Martha was hers, should have been hers, but David Lee yelled and made her take Caitlin, which means the existence of Martha is an indictment of her character but the fact that she went to Canning, at a pay cut, makes it ten times worse, because Canning is himself ten times worse. All of those things. So many Things!

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