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Bats are not your friends

As Doggett is pushing the rowboat away from the shore, he drops an oar. Bending down to get it, he is attacked. By the ManBat. They fight (tm Ace). ManBat doesn't eat Doggett, but while Doggett somehow manages to fend ManBat off with his oar, he also somehow loses consciousness and sinks down into the lake. That can't be a good thing.

Ernie wonders who figured out that he was the key to ManBat's Reign of Terror. Scully says that it was, mostly, her. But she's a little more modest than that, and gives Doggett credit for getting them out to the island. Yes, because the rowing was the hard part. Ernie brings the house down by telling her that she's going to be sorry he did. "You're marked now, you know that," he moans. He hypothesizes that she's now going to spend the rest of her life in fear, terrified that, at any moment, ManBat will swoop out of the darkness and eat her up. Scully looks a little uncomfortable, but, dude, after being abducted multiple times by aliens, not to mention having dealt with any number of indignities at the hands, or, er, paws, or claws, or pinchers of the last eight years of Monsters of the Week, this ought to be old hat. As Ernie sits down and gets to rustling up another litany of terror and woe, a beeping noise comes from the other side of the room. It's a surprisingly high-tech ground radar system, which tells them that something big is coming. Coming right for them. What. A. Surprise.

Right on cue, something lands on the roof with a thunk. Scully draws her gun and shoots through the ceiling. Thunk on another section of roof. Scully discharges her gun over there. "Do you hear it?" she asks Ernie, who doesn't. Scully reloads, and instead of waiting until daylight, she charges outside to see if she's slain the ManBat. Very smart, Dana. Halfway out the door, she turns to Ernie and tells him, if he has a gun, to get it.

So, Scully traipses outside and tries to peer onto the roof.

Inside, Ernie loads his gun with trembling hands. A log rolls out of the fireplace and onto the floor. Instead of running outside, screaming for his mommy, Ernie looks up the chimney. When he turns around, ManBat is right in his face.

Outside, Scully hears yelling and squeaking and a gunshot. She races inside, flings the door open, and interrupts ManBat mid-meal. ManBat, squatting over Ernie's bloody form, turns to look at her. Dude, I know you're part animal, but get a freaking napkin already, would you? There's blood all over your face. Scully fills ManBat's back with slugs. He flits away, and she can't see where he's landed. Scully backs onto the porch, and is hesitantly peering into the cabin when Doggett, totally wet but completely undrowned, comes up behind her. When she turns to look at him, ManBat attacks them both. Scully and Doggett both are knocked to the ground, but Doggett manages to unload his weapon into ManBat's fleeing batty form.

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