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Bats are not your friends

Doggett finds "another partial" inside Mousy's bedroom, and as he and Scully peer at it, he wonders if maybe the killer is just a nutso mental case with a funky foot. Scully looks skeptical (I know, I can hardly contain my shock and surprise either), as Doggett wonders if she's ever heard of something called Occam's Razor, which is, basically, a theory which states that, in order to figure something out, you look at every possible scenario and chose the simplest one. Scully says that Mulder used to call it "Occam's Principle of Limited Imagination," and dryly wonders if Doggett has a simple explanation for how a crazy deformed guy can manage to get around while leaving a foot print only every 25 feet. Doggett looks momentarily nonplussed, but reminds Scully that he's merely trying to figure it all out, just like she is.

Snooping around, Scully finds a trapdoor in the closet, leading to the attic. The inside of the closet looks disturbing like the inside of my mother's closet, which also has a trapdoor to the attic of my parent's house, but I'm not going to think about some crazy ManBat feasting on my Mom and Dad. Scully, with a boost from Doggett, climbs into the attic, gun drawn. "It's dark up here," she says, despite the fact that a huge old stream of sunshine pours through the window. "Can you see anything?" Doggett asks. She says that no, she can't, because it's DARK. Dude. Doggett hauls himself up into the attic, as Scully muses that, if anyone or anyTHING had been in the attic, he or she or it might have gone out the window. Doggett removes a small flashlight from his coat pocket and waves it in Scully's face. "You ever carry one of these?" he asks, a little snidely. Scully purses her lips. "Never," she says, dryly. They look around the attic, and what does Doggett find on the edge of an old chest of drawers? Three guesses. A darling blue-and-red, size small, MightyBigTV tee shirt, last seen at the Laundromat on Lincoln Boulevard in Santa Monica and belonging to one ME? Nope. A mint condition Tiffany desk lamp, which Scully plans to take on the Antiques Roadshow, the proceeds from the auction of which will more than cover her alien baby prenatal care? No, no, no. A pair of chawed off and recently regurgitated fingers? Bingo! Looking around, Scully sees more of the beige bubble gum substance on a beam over their heads. Doggett hesitantly offers that...it seems like...something had been..."Hanging there?" Scully finishes for him.

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