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Rebekah Goes To Prom!

Back inside, Rebekah looks on as Matt gives April his coat. He thanks Rebekah for saving the girl. When Rebekah says, "Elena was right, I should have stayed home," Matt tells her that no one has to know what she's done. "I won't tell anyone." Touched, Rebekah says, "You'd really do that for me?" Matt says he would. "And maybe I was a little harsh, earlier. You wouldn't make the worst human." Rebekah teases that maybe she'll get a job at the Grill. Matt gives her a soft smile and says he needs to get April home. He helps April to her feet and they walk off.

Klaus comes up behind Rebekah and says something about April. Rebekah spins to face him and says, "She was dying and I acted with human decency. You can't get more human than that." Klaus suggests standing idly by would be more human, and pretty much mocks the helplessness of humanity. We've had a hell of a week here in Boston, so I'm disinclined to quote him. The upshot is, Klaus insists Rebekah tell Elijah of her failure. We cut to...

Rebekah's House. Elijah is standing outside when Rebekah arrives home and asks her how she fared. We cut back to the prom, where Klaus is still rubbing it in with Rebekah, so it must be Silas who has just arrived at Rebekah's, and girl, he is working that prom gown. "Rebekah" tells Elijah "she" passed the humanity test with flying colors. With no fanfare, Elijah hands over the cure. Back at the prom, the real Rebekah and Klaus continue to bicker. Before Klaus leaves he says, "Thankfully, I don't have to waste any more breath fighting you on the subject." Rebekah yells after him, asking what he means. Meanwhile, "Rebekah" thanks Elijah for the cure then excuses herself. Even before "Rebekah" is fully out of sight, Elijah's phone rings. The Caller I.D. announces it's Rebekah. Before answering the phone, Elijah spins around to look for his sister, but "she" is gone. When he answers the phone, the real Rebekah tells him Klaus is up to something. Poor Elijah is all, "Where did you go?" Rebekah tells him she's still at the prom and asks him not to do anything with the cure until she sees him. "Something's not right." Elijah finally tells her it might be a little too late for that instruction. Tears stream down Rebekah's cheeks. Commercial.

Lockwood Mansion. Caroline and Tyler are dancing, so I guess this really is Tyler, but I'm so emotionally disconnected from them as a couple, now. That said, it's nice to see Trevino back, and rocking his tux, you know, like Elijah should be. Tyler says he should leave before people arrive for the party. Caroline kisses him and thanks him for the best prom, ever. They kiss again, and then Tyler walks out without even looking back. Outside, he's startled to see Klaus, who asks him if it was worth his life to see Caroline smile and give her a night of her dreams. Tyler doesn't answer. After glaring for a moment, Klaus says, "In the shared interest of giving Caroline the night of her dreams, I'm going to allow you five seconds before I rip your heart out of your chest." He then starts counting down. By the time Klaus gets to three, Tyler is gone.

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