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Rebekah Goes To Prom!

Mystic Falls. Downtown. Elena is sure Rebekah will fail, since she won't even be able to compel herself a date to tonight's prom. Wait. They're shopping for prom on the day of? Oh sure. Why not plan a wedding in an afternoon while you're at it, ladies. Elena decides she'll stick by Rebekah to make sure she passes Elijah's test, because once Becky has downed the cure, no one can use it against her.

Inside the dress shop, Bonnie is telling Caroline about her fiery dream. Wait a second. There is no way Caroline Damned Forbes is waiting 'til the day of prom to purchase her gown. I'm deciding she's having her final fitting, because otherwise, my brain is going to exit this episode, right now. Even this final fitting fanwank is a stretch. The Caroline we know and love, would have had her final fitting last week, and her gown would be hanging in her bedroom, in anticipation of this evening. You can't convince me otherwise. Their conversation bores me until Bonnie tells Caroline she looks super-hot. "Matt and I are going to have the sexiest date there." Caroline giggles. "You know what? I love friend-prom. And it's exactly what prom should be -- friends and memories. Yes, it sucks that my boyfriend can't be here, but the three of us are going to have the night of our lives."

When Rebekah and Elena enter the shop, Elena extinguishes the sunshine. She compliments Caroline on her dress, then the girls exchange terse words. Caroline asks the clerk to press her dress. "I'll pick it up, later." She then swans off, away from Elena. We cut to...

I don't know where this is. Maybe it's Rebekah's house. Elena is wearing a dress that's perfect match of Caroline's. Oh, this will not end well. She descends an outside staircase, near a pool. Her limo arrives, but darn the luck, Stefan, who is holding a nosegay, gets out to greet her. I was crossing my fingers that it would be Elijah. Elena reminds Stefan she doesn't need a babysitter. He moralizes about Elena's recent kill. When she tries to walk off, Damon appears to block her path. He mutters something about her keeping her part of the bargain, which includes not eating the prom queen. He holds out a wrist corsage and asks, "May I?" Elena's voice is flat as she says, "No." No doesn't mean no, to these two. Damon grabs Elena's arm and forces the corsage onto her wrist. Look at that. We're about seven minutes in and I've already worked up an hour's worth of resentment against these boys. When Damon compliments Elena on her dress, she thanks him then adds that she stole it. Oh it is on. Commercial.

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