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Rebekah Goes To Prom!

When Bonnie gets outside, she looks at the photos. There's one of her and Jeremy dancing. Suddenly, he appears next to the screen, wearing a tux and asks Bonnie if he can have this dance. Oh Bonnie, why don't know you this is Silas? Has anyone filled you in on the details, here? We cut back...

Inside. Stefan grabs Elena for a dance. She tells him, "Let go of me, or I will bite you." Stefan reminds us that he's the one who hates to dance. I guess that's supposed to excuse this... I don't know what to call it -- date rape foreplay. I know Elena and only Elena is responsible for anything she does, but Stefan and Damon are doing nothing more than tempting her to act up. Why don't they leave her alone? In fact, they ought to ignore her. She's so used to the two of them panting after her, that that would probably get her attention faster than anything.

By the punch bowl, Rebekah meets up with Matt and asks him if he and Bonnie are a thing. He says they're just friends and asks Rebekah who she's with. She says she's alone and starts to explain why she hasn't compelled herself a date, but Matt is clearly not interested, so she asks him if he thinks she'd make a good human. It takes Matt a moment to overcome his internal laughing fit. Finally, he says, "I think that 'good' is a hard word to live up to, and I've never seen you do anything remotely good, so honestly... no. I don't. Sorry." Poor Beckster.

Stefan and Elena are still dancing. He's still trying to evoke some emotional response, so he tries to remind her of their romantic past. Elena claims she feels nothing and doesn't care if Stefan doesn't believe her, but he keeps trying. He touches her waist, clasps her fingers, dips her, and moves in as if to kiss her, asking if her heart refuses to remember. Elena moves her lips 'til they're nearly touching his and asks, "What heart?" Stefan turns into an ice sculpture. Across the floor, Damon is watching. He glares us right into commercial.

Caroline enters in a heavily beaded gown that would be suitable for her second wedding, to a trophy husband. Don't get me wrong. It's lovely, but it's hardly prom-y. Elena sashays up to her, smirking all the way. "So, how do I look?" Caroline says, "Are you kidding me? You look like a backstabbing bit..." Stefan's appearance gives her pause. Caroline softens her voice. "The dress is beautiful, and it brings out your eyes." Elena says, "Thanks. I thought I'd do it a favor." Sadly, Stefan stops Caroline from mauling her former friend to death, by asking her to dance.

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