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Cross to Bear

The disreputable-looking man is back in his trailer, and it kind of looks like he's alone there now. He removes his shirt and stuffs it into a Hefty bag that already contains God knows what else, then sits down to enjoy a glass of milk and a nice, creepy stare out the window at the desolate scenery outside. Then he picks up an ID card with a picture of last night's passenger: Eva Guerra. Is it me, or does that name translate into "First Woman War?" Nah, I don't think this show would name every character symbolically. I'll give it the benefit of the doubt until Cross's lieutenant has to wade into something.

Back at the El Paso police station, some Texan version of Todd Packer with a Western-cut suit and a wig is looking at the autopsy photos of Judge Gates. "Boy, she needed to be bent over a couch, bad," he says classily. Wade says she got worse, with half of her in the morgue and the other half turning out to be a missing Juarez girl. Regarding Ruiz, the other detective asks Wade, "This fella know about Sonya?" Wade starts to take umbrage on Cross's behalf. "Have you seen what she keeps in the bottom drawer of that desk?" the other detective asks. Hank says he doesn't know or care, and the dude is about to get into it when Cross herself returns with Ruiz in tow.

She introduces him to the other detective, Tim Cooper, whom we may or may not see making barrels at some point. "Buenos dias," Cooper says in Spanish so bad I'm not even bothering with italic tags. "Howdy, partner," Ruiz twangs right back. Cooper has apparently come through with last night's security-cam footage from the bridge, despite some resistance from "those Homeland Security jagoffs." He cues it up, and Wade calls Sonya into his office and closes the door while Ruiz and Cooper settle down to work at Cooper's desk.

Hank asks Cross about the report she apparently filed with the Mexican State Police over the ambulance incident. Don't ask me when she found the time. Cross primly tattles that Ruiz let an ambulance drive through the crime scene. "Because a man was having a heart attack," Wade points out, adding that he would have done the same thing. "No evidence was lost," he assures her. "How do you know?" she asks, which is an infuriating but otherwise reasonable question. So he tries a different tack, explaining that she's going to have to work with Ruiz, and that report is going to make it harder for her to do that. "Why?" she asks. "Because people don't like to be ratted out to their bosses, that's why," he explains patiently. "Then they should follow procedure," she insists. He says that he isn't going to be able to keep covering for her indefinitely. In fact, he's talking about some other stuff he wants to do, which I guess is his way of hinting that his retirement is nigh. "I can't do this forever," he says. Cross looks more upset than we've seen her so far -- on the verge of tears, even -- as she breathes, "What about me?" He tells her she'll be all right, and puts a hand on her shoulder, then bumps it with his a couple of times in what I guess is their version of a hug. Listen, I freely admit that almost everything I "know" about spectrum disorders comes from pop culture, but I get the impression that a lot of people who are on it don't like to be touched.

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