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Cross to Bear

Detective Ruiz makes it home and through a dark, toy-littered living room to the bedroom of his teenage son Gus, who is up playing video games on his computer already (or, more likely, still). Gus should really put away his toys before starting something new. Ruiz busts Gus for the pot he can smell, and asks where he got it. Gus names some kid from school, and Ruiz says that the kid's uncle is some dude named Aurelio Weta, and now Gus owes him, and that's how people get caught up in the cartels. And then he grounds the kid and leaves him to his game. All things considered, he took that pretty calmly. And mostly in English, for some reason. In bed with his wife, she's a little worried about Gus herself, saying he came in pretty late. Ruiz promises to talk to him tomorrow. Or he could go back in and continue the conversation, but maybe Ruiz tries to avoid the whole Columbo "Just one more thing" cliché.

Wade meets Cross outside the morgue, a place he doesn't appreciate as much as she does. "You learn so much from autopsy," she says. He asks how it went with the judge's husband. She says she tried, but at least she knows he didn't do it; not only did he hand over his phone unquestioningly, he doesn't know how to lock it. "That's not the guy who wired the bridge lights to go out." Unless that's what he wants you to think. Wade agrees that's a good point, and waits outside to call his wife while she heads on inside. Or else he's just stalling.

The coroner, a poor man's Margo Martindale-type named Denise, wishes Cross a good morning and, quickly realizing the courtesy is wasted on her, gets right to business. She points to the grisly autopsy photos on the light-wall indicating the cause of death: a needle through the base of the spine and into the brain. "Quick, easy, almost painless." She invites Cross to glove up and start examining the body, which Cross does very closely. Seriously, she's about an inch away from making out with that demi-corpse. There's a short exchange about some guy whom Cross has apparently not been to see lately, of which Denise approves and of whom we will hear nothing further this episode. Wade enters as Denise is trying to tease out a dramatic reveal regarding the body's bisection, but he doesn't have the patience. "Check out the other half," she says cheerfully. Cross goes over to the covered legs, which turn out to be a completely different color from the judge's top half. "White arms, brown legs," she murmurs. "Two women?" Wade figures. Well, unless Judge Gates was in the habit of walking around with tanning bulbs in her pants. Denise explains that the lower semi-carcass once belonged to a Hispanic female in her late teens or early twenties. Hank, who has realized they now have two female victims, mutters, "Son of a bitch." Looks like Ruiz is getting some more body parts after all.

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The Bridge




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