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Like you were getting a Jacob recap under nineteen pages. You're so cute! In other news, some giant boobs walk by, back in study hall. They're attached to a girl. Oglers include: everybody, but my stupidity kicked in because I didn't recognize Charlie, or the Freaks & Geeks revision about to happen. Best episode of that show, best Jackie scene yet, and I totally didn't get it. I assume, because it's Veronica Mars, that this Charlie has been in eighteen episodes and I never once noticed -- even if it was a major plot point -- that he was developmentally disabled, but that's how I roll. (And, you know, I could easily not point out all the ways in which I rely on this show to intuitively make up for my ADD, but I'm making a conscious choice to let you know how dumb I am. I think it's sweet, personally.) So this knot of boys is all hyuck-hyuck about the boobs, and pushing Charlie to ask out the faceless girl attached to them, as Jackie and Wallace are having another bad-idea conversation about how Wallace was checking out the boob girl, and really he just likes her sweater, because any time trouble rears its head, Wallace retreats to the gay fashion place, and how that color would look good on Jackie, because there's no bad color for Jackie, flirty-flirty, because she's soooo beautiful, with which I tend to agree because she's so pretty and I can't think of anything to hate her for, and Wallace flips back to dude quick as a shot, all, "Any time a hot girl wants to wear a tight sweater with a zipper down the middle, I'm game," and in that time the boys have made their weird frat attack on Charlie unavoidable (unless you're me), and Jackie excuses herself and plants directly in front of Charlie: "Hi Charlie, I'm Jackie. Would you like to go to the dance with me this weekend?" The mean boys all wig out. Since I wasn't getting it, my notes read, "Some dude acts all like Leo in Gilbert Grape and agrees." Which is a total thumbs up on the acting, frankly, because even with that in my notes, he wasn't so over-the-top that I got it. He just acts like a mainstreamed kid. So Charlie takes off, and this totally hot kid preps a spitwad, for Jackie or Charlie I'm not sure, and Wallace tells him right off. Yeah, the "Jackie is awesome" campaign is a bit tough to take sometimes, but Wallace is about to need all the goodwill he can muster, so I don't care which. I think it's Charlie, though, because that means that Wallace is making his support of Jackie's plan to take Charlie to the dance explicit, which makes the most sense. Question: who shoots spitwads at the mainstreamed kid? God, I hate 09ers.

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