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What A Non-Incorporated Municipality Without Pity Can Do

...and just when you think Roy Scheider has effectively tap-danced the fear out of the water, cut to the disgusting Fitzpatricks, hanging out in that bar of which they are the bosses. From NAMBLA back to RAINN in one hot second. I cannot catch a fucking break with this show! Molly's playing with the toy truck at the bar, and the scary Liam one -- as shamefully and grossly hot as he was on The O.C., when he was Uncle Jack Harper, linked above -- who is her uncle, yells at her to grab him a beer while he plays at billiards with his...something, his cousin. Or hers, or something, I can't be arsed to do the family trees of white trash. Danny Boyd. Who -- after Liam gets creepy about the haste with which the beer isn't coming -- throws his arm over the shoulder in the universal signal of "We Are An Incest-Type Family," asking after her dommage. She lies that she's "pissed" that Logan's supposed to be in jail for murder, and, since nobody's punched her in the mouth yet, goes on to gingerly ask why Dr. Griffith withdrew his testimony: "Why did he lie?" Liam gets all scary uncle about why should Molly give a rat's ass (my emphasis, and weirdly, the show's too, this season) about a dead biker. Molly covers that she just never trusted Dr. Griffith, and Liam gets very aggressive, and not like an uncle would, saying that she had better not be "pining over that half-breed cholo," and she stupidly snaps at him not to call Felix that, and Liam goes into full-bore scary-uncle mode. I refuse to reference Peter Saarsgard twice in this recap, but yeah. It's bad: "Don't you dare cry for him. After all those things he said?...He did to you? You were his whore! He didn't care about you! You're just the dumb blonde piece of tail he shot his mouth off about to all his buddies. How he plugged the Good Ship Molly-Pop." Ugh. I would frankly rather see Woody Goodman and Logan dry-docking than have to deal with this. This is a show that pops your blister and says, "Oh, but underneath! Look, cancer!" Danny laughs inappropriately at the "Molly-Pop" line, and Liam goes after him, which is kind of counter to how gross this is, but Danny keeps laughing. I feel bad for Molly, but I wish they would all get blown up for good. Over a shot of a truck outside -- where Weevil and Veronica watch a computer screen -- Molly's wired, which I was glad to learn -- we act out on Liam doing his best to stop being hot: "You should be glad he's dead. If your dad wasn't in prison, he'd have done it himself."

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