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What A Non-Incorporated Municipality Without Pity Can Do

Chez Mars, Weevil and Veronica discuss how they're in yet another mirror-to-mirror infinite regress blackmail pickle, because even still, with this tape of Molly's family being icky and almost confessing without a fucking warrant, Thumper still has the Curly video of Weevil beating up a later-dead guy. Veronica's like, "So he was killed for bragging about his sex life?" Weevil explains how boys are, and how he was lying, specifically to wind up Liam by implying that a female relative of his is a whore, that she'll "do anything"...and Keith enters, calling Weevil "Eli." They nod and whatever, guy stuff, and Keith just gives in, hands-off, about how Weevil and Veronica are probably working on some school thing, and Veronica says it's a history exam on Caligula ("Whew"), which seems very last-season to me -- didn't Caligula fuck his sister and get pretty gay with his buddies? "Caligula Run."

Look, I need all the laughs I can get, given that this episode is quickly heading into the usual territory. Sacks shows Weevil and Veronica into Lamb's office, and Lamb shows up, all screaming at Sacks unnecessarily and entitledly, and complaining that "somebody" took his parking space, "again." Sacks says that they received a letter -- from the new deputy commish -- that it's needed: "I guess he's handicapped." And I guess that Sacks isn't really spending the time to investigate further, heh. Still keeping Sacks on the leash, Lamb looks past smiling Veronica to Weevil: "Look up Eli Navarro -- there's gotta be something outstanding we can book him on." Weevil's next, funny line brought to you by terrible, awful ADR: "Oh, if I did it, it's outstanding." Lamb smiles at Veronica -- and it's part of the awesomeness of this season's three interlocking mysteries (Veronica's Bus, Logan's Stabbing, Weevil's Life) that I can't remember if these three have been in the same room, lately or ever -- and smarms that she's still picking winners. Veronica: "I told you, when I start picking losers? It's all you." I think Lamb's an interesting character, but I'm still waiting for when she shoots him in the fucking spine and tells his quad ass to "go see the wizard." She tells him with a tight smile that they just "thought [they'd] drop by and solve a murder case" for him. Playing dumb, he thanks her for bringing the perp, and asks who the deceased in question might be. No time for Lamb nonsense: "Eduardo Orozco killed Felix." "Thumper...He's got such a cute nickname," Lamb sparkles. Weevil says that Thumper's "dealing on campus now," and Veronica, not interested in shit that doesn't have to do with herself, plays the wiretap for Lamb, all, "Liam practically admits to orchestrating Felix's death on this tape." They listen, and Lamb's eyebrows freak out but that's all of him that cares: "Imagine how helpful that recording would be if it was obtained legally...not to mention a confession." And yeah, I see your point, but so does my girl Veronica: "Note the absence of a silver platter." She slides the disk across Lamb's desk like he's below noticing, because it's more about "steering" Lamb in the direction of his fucking job, rather than doing it for him. He slides it back: "Actually...getting admissible evidence seems like the least you can do." Poor doomed Weevil shakes his head as Veronica realizes what a fucking twat Lamb is, for the 147th time. "There's less I can do, trust me," he says. I don't think it's strictly racism, either -- this mystery has so many snaky, nasty little roots that Lamb could probably name five people in high places who don't want him to solve it. Yucky.

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