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What A Non-Incorporated Municipality Without Pity Can Do

Keith takes Woody out into the reception area, and Woody talks more about Keith getting Terrence off, even though Keith has explained a billion times about how that boat's never going to sail, and Woody goes all kinds of Kate Hepburn on Veronica about how she's "such a good kid" for coming in on her lunch break "to help Dad," and they both kind of watch his palsied, suspect ass perambulate out the door. Keith asks her to hold his calls, and watches the video again in his office. He sees some kind of reflection, I think. I knew it!

Outside, the Seafood trucking guy enters. "Okay, you win," he says to Veronica. "Smart move, talking to my wife." Yeah, I'm guessing the "Haven't I provided you with this wonderful home in the middle of a pitched gang war?" argument didn't really do much for his case.

Lamb asks the trucker guy to confirm that he saw "one PCHer stab another, and put the knife in" Logan's hand, and asks whether he could identify the kid again. He says he couldn't make out any faces, but that the guy had a red bike with a black spider on the side. Lamb knows it. He tells Sacks, finally, after all that, to issue a warrant for Thumper, finally. Gosh, I hope it isn't way too damn late for due process.

Jane sits at lunch with a very discomfited Wallace, who's watching Jackie alone at her table. "She brings it on herself," says Jane, but she's speaking from a somewhat biased perspective, and can go to hell anyway. Wallace says again that Jackie wasn't the kisser last night, but the kissee, but Jane's not having it: "She must've been coming on to you." Wallace is like, "What will it take?" saying, "I just kissed her out of nowhere. Sorry. I don't want to hurt you, but I gotta be honest: I still have feelings for her." Jane is hearing this like it's a frigging surprise. Then she spontaneously combusts and her corpse is ravaged by wild dogs as Tina Fey stands nearby, laughing wickedly, enjoying a delicious and still-warm handful of S'mores.

Wallace approaches and tells Jackie -- somewhat needlessly, given the smoking pile of cornflake girl at the next table -- that he broke up with Jane: "Are you going to ask me to sit down?" Um, no? Jackie explains that he can't sit with her, but he's not getting it: "I'm free now. You know I like you..." Jackie gives it to him bite-sized, how if he sits there, she's "the man-eating bitch" who snatched him from the stupid, burnt-up corpse of "one of the sweetest girls in the school," and how -- since she's obviously campaigning for the title -- she can't have that. She asks him again to leave, and watches him go, and is sad.

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