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What A Non-Incorporated Municipality Without Pity Can Do

Veronica -- why, girl? -- checks out the essay, is grossed out -- again, some more -- and fake-smiles over to Logan and all the Civics groupies gathered around him. I assume it's not just because of his accolades as a Man of Letters, and has more to do with (a) the breakup with poor stupid Hannah and (b) how Logan is smokin' hot. Veronica quotes Logan from the essay regarding how "Freedom, that's what it's all about, but talking about it and being it, that's two different things." Something so vague and silly it could only be said by Jack Nicholson. (Although it's interesting to note that the quote in the movie begins with "What you represent to them is freedom," which is interesting in light of how the whole point of Logan, or at least the Fake Logan he shows us, is all about being free to be Logan: scary and awesome and sad and enviable all at once; sociopaths are hot like that. Well-documented. But even sociopaths are also deeply wounded people, which explains the other side of the attraction. It would be so much easier if Logan really were a Bad Boy/bad person. Then you just hook him up with a tranny, laugh at the wreckage, and hope he doesn't go all Sarsgaard on anybody. "I thought you were coming to ask me to the Sadie Hawkins dance, not recite my prize-winning essay," he grins at Veronica. She tells him she's interested in neither, considering that he's lifting from Easy Rider, which he made her watch last summer. (And Hannah too, right? Sorry, V for Vanity, but thanks for playing.) And can I just say that I love the less-jump-than-hop that would cause Logan to love that movie? Silly fake bad-boys chundering on about their abusive fathers and how it makes them rebels? If not for the fact that, in Neptune, motorcycles are for poor people, Logan would so be up in that shit, and you know it. "I'm off to find America and write self-important poetry with Duncan." Logan admits that she's sounding a lot like his essay, and she's like, "Yeah, weird right?" and he smiles wisely as Veronica stalks off, all in a Logan-tizzy as usual.

Out in the courtyard, Weevil does some intense remembering about how he was bitching about Algebra III one time and Felix -- who, now that I can finally pin down which one he is, and I feel shitty admitting that but I know I'm not alone, and who has lovely eyebrows and so-so acting skills in this little flashback -- was like, "Fuck the future, I'm going to graduate with the least effort possible and then go to trucking school, where I will settle down with an unnamed young lady and crank out a couple of shorties." Poetic. Especially considering that he's saying this off Weevil's line about staying in school because the girls are hot and his abuela is scary. Weevil, in the flashback, cracks on him about how, in order to "crank out" those "shorties," he needs "a woman," and Felix has never had a girlfriend "longer than a weekend." Given what we've seen of Felix, as contrasted with his rubbery cuteness, that seems about right.

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