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What A Non-Incorporated Municipality Without Pity Can Do

Woody picks up where Keith's man-crush kind of deflated, all about keeping focus on saving "The Greatest Shark To Ever Put On A Uniform," and Keith mentions that Terrence's latest awesome activities have included breaking into Naima's parents' house. I love how they always say "Miss Dumas," like they know the "Dumbass" thing is my personal keystone to the whole house of cards of keeping these dead bastards separate. Woody and Keith talk intensely about Terrence's "quality of character," and then Logan -- summoned like a genie by such words -- appears, quite sober, with something "you gentlemen should probably see." But since it's Logan, it's either the secret to the entire season, or some other thing that is very civic-minded, or...a Xerox of his ass. Those are your options.

Over Logan's shoulder, Keith and Woody watch a DVD from the mail pile, showing some very creepy Lost Highway footage of the Goodmans' house. It travels down the creepy hall with all the creepy storage bins, across creepy glass door to the creepy patio -- wouldn't that normally be where the reflection could be magnified and reveal the killer or stalker or whatever? -- and a very cool '60s starburst clock, and into the creepy but spacious dining room, where the horrifying-in-an-unspecified-way Goodman family is having a tense and silent dinner. Soo creepy! Even if it wasn't the Goodmans, it would still be creepy! Woody's wigged and Keith immediately reassures him that he'll "find out about it." Logan red-herrings the second-best misdirection of the episode: "So I'm guessing this goes into the anti-incorporation file." Um. They nod.

Later, Veronica and Logan are staking out the San Diego Seafood place where the Good Samaritan 911-calling trucker works. "So this is staking out, huh?" Logan accidentally O.C.s. Hate when that happens! "...Looks sexier in the movies," he finishes. Like it could. Veronica pointedly asks whether he's heard from Hannah, and he's not entirely without vulnerability asking whether "deafening silence" counts. Which I guess means that "dumb high-school girly unearned and undeserved forgiveness" doesn't count either. But I guess Veronica knows about that already. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if she and Logan were playing First Date every weekend since the beginning of the season and we didn't know about it. I don't trust her ass anymore, not after "Normal Is The Watchword" and "Donut Run." Not in a bad way: I like that the show might just be like, "Oh, and she's been fucking the pool boy, FYI" in a few episodes. She's fallible, as a narrator as well as a bad-ass, and I love it. Veronica grins to herself: "Not sure? But I think when they start shipping your girlfriends off, you're officially...a bad boy." She holds her palm up for a high five, and he returns the serve. That is probably my favorite part of the episode. She runs with wolves, and I don't mean in the menstrual way -- that too -- but just in that "I appreciate where you're coming from, Weevil, but let's try this due process thing first and then you can murder whoever you like" kind of way. I respect her more for joking with Logan about the Hannah issue, because it's clearly a huge gash across Logan's desire to be a good person while being a well-played bluff at the same time, and Veronica's intimate with both. "Her dad and your dad should go bowling," Logan murmurs, pointedly bringing Veronica back into the post-breakup spotlight, but they spot the guy.

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