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Something in the Water

In the kitchen, Robert goes on about the meat-drenched fantasies he once had for this room. "Then I met the vegan." Oscar is talking wine to Toby, who's totally faking, and has to keep it up when Oscar invites him to join his wine-tasting club. Toby THs to himself and his wine bottle, "You are playing a dangerous game. Guess I'm though the gateway now, though, right?" Enjoy the Chateau Fidelio. Don't worry, I don't even get that reference myself.

Val gets into the pool, but Darryl's not really prepared to follow her in. Apparently the working out he's been doing has yet to have much effect on his "outer layer." Erin and Dwight's game of smearing potato chips on Dwight's face doesn't seem to be having much of a jealousy-inducing effect on Andy, so Dwight suggests a chicken fight in the pool. Andy isn't up for the challenge, under the circumstances, so Erin invites Kathy in, apparently at random. Kathy just wonders who her partner would be. "Where's Jim?" she asks. Uh-oh. Lucky for her, Kevin's there and more than willing to step in jumps in. Soon, Erin and Dwight are winning chicken fights but not Andy's attention, even when Erin goes on about their chemistry and Dwight agrees, "I could bang you right here!"

Robert shows off the king-sized bearskin rug he had made (two bears sewn together) to the increasingly drunk tour group, who are all drinking directly from their wine bottles. Then on to the screening room, where Robert once planned to watch racy movies but ended up seeing crap like Marley and Me. Gabe to the rescue, as he offers up a Korean porno he apparently has on his iPod right now. "If you've got the cables," he adds, awkwardly.

Andy pretends to Kelly, who thinks the ring she found belonged to Mrs. California, that the ring of a failed marriage is bad luck. It looks like he's going to get it back by offering to get rid of it, but Phyllis says they have to destroy it, like they're all Frodo Baggins or something. In the pool, Kevin's trying to teach Val underwater handstands when Darryl offers her a beer from the deck, which she turns down. "Does Darryl not swim?" she asks Kevin. Kevin: "That's racist!"

Jessica and Andy beat Erin and Dwight at chicken fighting, but she insists on a rematch. This time she grips his hair and locks her legs around his neck so tight his eyes cross. She mushes him into the fray, and when she gets pushed over she just bobs back up like a watery Weeble in her determination to win. Unfortunately her thighs have just choked Dwight unconscious. But hey, the documentarians have an underwater camera!

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